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[Webinar] Zapier + Chatbot = 😍

If you guys aren't aboard the Zapier hype train, you are truly missing out! Here's why👇
[Webinar] Zapier + Chatbot = 😍
By Ish from Tars • Issue #163 • View online
If you guys aren’t aboard the Zapier hype train, you are truly missing out!
Here’s why👇

First of all, it's just straight up useful🔨
For the uninitiated, Zapier is this kick-ass software that automates tasks/data transfers across apps⚡
At TARS for e.g. every time we capture a new lead through one of our bots📝, we use Zapier to automatically send that lead to our CRM📁 which is honestly, pretty frickin useful🤷‍♂️
Second, it's magical🌠
Few products delight me as much as Zapier does😍
I have literally automated hundreds of tasks using Zapier, but to this day, but every time I create a new zap (each automation is called a zap in Zapier) I feel a childlike thrill everytime I push that first piece of data between my apps😁
It’s truly magical🧙‍♂️
Third, it integrates with TARS🤖
Yep… you heard that right… you can automatically send your chatbot-captured leads to any of the hundreds of apps available on Zapier automagically😎
We were so excited by the possibilities of this integration that we actually hosted an entire webinar showing you how you can make use of it earlier this week!📺
Check it out below👇
How to integrate your TARS chatbot with the hundreds of apps using Zapier
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