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[Webinar Recording] Quiz Chatbots🎊🕺🎊

Ok so here's a funny story that you guys will probably enjoy😆 We hosted our second webinar this week
[Webinar Recording] Quiz Chatbots🎊🕺🎊
By Ish from Tars • Issue #157 • View online
Ok so here’s a funny story that you guys will probably enjoy😆
We hosted our second webinar this week on how quiz chatbots🤖 and everything was going super smoothly until catastrophe struck at the 34 min mark😲

As Arnav (the host of the webinar) was just starting his earnest explanation of the option value feature in the TARS builder, a frickin fruit fly flew into is mouth and down his throat😫
Now if you watch the recording of the webinar (which you can find over 👉HERE👈 BTW), you can see the exact moment this happens (at 34:13), and it. is. GLOOOORIOOOUUUS!😁
If you slow down the video, you can see the dread appear on his face like pimple on a 14 year old and as if that wasn’t enough, the next 20 seconds are a quick, but nonetheless satisfying foray into the wonderful world of Schadenfreude🤣
I mean the raw human suffering that washes over is face are pure gold🥇
This has honestly been the highlight of my week… hands down the best damn video I’ve had the pleasure of watching since last Thursday when I stumbled upon this old VICE documentary about an anarchist skate park🛹
Anyways, if you want some solid fruit-fly based comedy, I highly recommend that you watch the recording below👇
You might also learn something about how to boost the user engagement metrics on your marketing campaigns📈, but let’s be real, that’s secondary to the fruit fly incident😴
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