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[Webinar Recording] Meeting Chatbots🤖📆

Picture this💭You're hosting a webinar📺 There are dozens of people on the session watching you👀👀👀 and
[Webinar Recording] Meeting Chatbots🤖📆
By Ish from Tars • Issue #162 • View online
Picture this💭
You’re hosting a webinar📺
There are dozens of people on the session watching you👀👀👀 and about 45 mins in you realize that the 5 cups of coffee☕ you drank before the webinar have made their way to your bladder which is literally about to burst 😐
What do you do?👇

Option 1: Grit and bear😎
The method of champions and masochists but it does work.
We hosted a webinar about appointment-booking chatbots earlier this week and this is the method that our host, Arnav, used to get through the session😫
He almost broke his recording equipment when he ran to the bathroom after the session ended (tripping on chords is a real bummer), but we got a pretty solid webinar out of it so it all worked out in the end👍
If you’re interested in learning more about how you can book more sales calls/demos/appointments using a chatbot🤖, or you want to watch a masterclass on holding your piss in, check out the full recording below👇
How to make an appointment booking chatbot using TARS
Oh also
As an added bonus we’re running an offer on this webinar where you can pay $499/year for a single appointment booking chatbot which is considerably cheaper than our regular plans🤑 so do give that link a look in👆
Option 2: Piss your pants👖
A solid option, because the camera only really captures the top of your body so none of your viewers will notice👍
If your recording studio has carpeted floors (which ours does), this could possibly means spending the next 2 hours painstakingly washing your on pee out of the fibers so not ideal!😖
Option 3: Politely Excuse Yourself😅
I’ve never seen this happen before but theoretically, you could just tell the people on the webinar that you need to go pee and then excuse yourself💨
The only issue is that it’s probably going to be super awkward/embarrassing when you return because well… you just excused yourself from a live session to go pee😳
Also if your office is small, there’s a risk that your attendees will hear you flush which just compounds the embarrassment😬
Option 4: Fake Technical Difficulties🔨
A super easy option especially if your recording equipment, like ours has kill switches on it🔪
Actually, why the hell didn’t we use this option?🤔
This would have been way easier and less painful😮
What do you think?
Which option is best? Let us know by replying to this email👇
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