[Webinar] Learn how to add live chat to your chatbot





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[Webinar] Learn how to add live chat to your chatbot
By Ish from Tars • Issue #185 • View online
ICYMI we hosted a webinar about making your chatbots look more visually appealing earlier this week. If your chatbot needs to be spruced up, check out the recording over here: https://hellotars.com/resources/webinars/chatbot-design-playbook/
Now back to the regularly scheduled program👇

The Dawn of Live Chat
Since this is a topic we’ve discussed in the not so distant past, I’m going to keep this newsletter brief…
A couple of weeks back, we launched the Zendesk Live Chat Integration on the Tars platform.
To refresh your memory real quick, the basic idea is that your chatbots can now seamlessly hand-off conversations to a live agent in Zendesk if the user has a complex query that only a human being can answer.
If you want to understand what value this integration can add to your existing marketing and customer service workflows, check out our newsletter from a couple of weeks back. It explains everything.
If you want to learn how to use the integration, though, we are hosting a webinar on Tuesday (9/29) at 12PM EST to explain how the feature can be used.
How To Add Live Chat To Your Tars Chatbots - Tars Webinar
That’s pretty much it for today!
P.S. If you haven’t done so already, join our Facebook Group where our botmaking community discusses all things chatbot👇
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