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We want YOU!

Welcome to yet another episode of the TARS newsletter. This week brings drama to the chatbot world.
We want YOU!
By Ish from Tars • Issue #5 • View online
Welcome to yet another episode of the TARS newsletter. This week brings drama to the chatbot world.

This week we want YOU! …to join the US army
jk jk… We really do want you though.
So we have two big announcements…
1. DESIGN SECTION!! An itty bitty, tiny little game changer of a feature that will make your bots look cooler.
You know how our chatbots generally look like this:
Well… What if they didn’t look like that? What if they looked like this instead?
We are rolling out a beta of this new feature for a lucky few builders out there.
The all new Design tab.
Open up a bot that you have built in the TARS builder (if you have not built one yet, go build one right now) and look at the left side of the page for the design tab. 
If it says NEW! next to it… Congratulations! You are one of the lucky few who gets to try it out early! (clear your browser cache just to be sure) 
These options from left to right allow you to change: the bot’s message bubble colour, the user’s message bubble colour, the chat background and the page background.
Have fun making your pink, yellow and green bots that have no aesthetic sense whatsoever. Your 1st grade art teacher will probably not be proud.
Bad memories from elementary school. Maybe that is why I joined marketing.
2. We have made a bot that acts as a direct line between you and us.
You can use the bot to tell us about what features you want added to the builder and what you are building.
We really love hearing from you and we take the feedback you tell us seriously. In fact, we highly recommend that you favourite this bot or save it to your phone homescreen.
Ok… now that that is out of the way, we have some routine stuff to add…
…our weekly Bot Roundup
Chatbots Roundup #6 — Learn the best practices to make a Bot
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