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[Video] Chatbot Building Best Practices🔨

I've noticed that the first time someone tries to build a chatbot it never goes to plan😐 The messages
[Video] Chatbot Building Best Practices🔨
By Ish from Tars • Issue #142 • View online
I’ve noticed that the first time someone tries to build a chatbot it never goes to plan😐
The messages are awkward😅, the experience feels oddly robotic🤖, and worst of all, the conversion rate is terrible📉
Today we’re releasing a brand new series of content🤩 that will teach you how to fix those issues🔨
Check it out👇

Why "first-time" chatbots suck👎
Building a chatbot isn’t like building a regular landing page🤔
Instead of thinking about headings📰, layout📐, and form fields📝you need to consider things like tone🗣, message length📏, and message order💬
Of course, if you’re like most marketers you have never had to think about stuff like that before😓 and that’s why your first few chatbots are going to suck 😥
How we're fixing the situation👷‍
In an ideal world, we’d have you guys build a bunch of chatbots and experiment with them until things started to click👍
But let’s face it…
You guys don’t have time for that!🥱
So to make things a little easier for you guys, we are creating a series of best practices videos⭐️ that can help you improve the user experience of your chatbots fast💨
The first edition of this series is about message delays
How To Create A Seamless Chatbot UX Using Message Delays
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