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Updates, Covfefe and Shakespeare

Updates, Covfefe and Shakespeare
By Ish from Tars • Issue #3 • View online
Friends, Romans, Bot makers!
Lend me your ears.
I come to update TARS, not to praise him.
Seriously, though, we have some updates for TARS. Check ‘em out:
1) Branching for Star Rating
You know when you are collecting feedback through a TARS bot and the user gives you a 1 star rating and then the next message is something cheery like: “Thanks for that feedback” or “Awesome!” or “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”
Awkward right?
That is why we are introducing branching for the star rating user input. Now you can direct users to a different message depending on how many stars they have given.

2) Test submissions
Relatedly, do you know when you make a feedback bot for your business and then you fill it up 100s of times with five star ratings to make yourself feel better about our fleeting existence.
Yeah… that has to stop man.
We took matters into our own hands and changed the way we show conversation data. Now, if you submit information to your own bot while you are logged in your admin dashboard, we will highlight it red and indicate that it is a test submission like this :
3) Bot Roundup
Finally, since you have made it clear that you cannot survive without our weekly emails - we are creating another weekly piece of content.
The TARS Bot Roundup.
We have been publishing a weekly list of really well made bots. HERE is a link to our latest edition.
It really helps :)
4) Covfefe
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Ish from Tars

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