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To the distribute section...

In this newsletter we have spoken about feature updates, bots we have made, experiments we have condu
To the distribute section...
By Ish from Tars • Issue #15 • View online
In this newsletter we have spoken about feature updates, bots we have made, experiments we have conducted and of course gifs that we love.
But between all these changes and updates, one section of the TARS builder has not received its fair share of attention:
The Distribute Section

To the distribute section and its family,  we are sorry :(
Distribution of bots can be a tough process. After all the hard work you put in to making a bot and deploying it on your site, you find that no one is using it. Your bot sits there in its widget trying its best to keep a brave face, while the loneliness of the web slowly crushes its soul.
be brave little bot... be brave
be brave little bot... be brave
We at TARS quite frankly cannot and will not stand by and watch this injustice carry on.
So today we are taking the first steps to address this atrocity.
After consulting with several experts on the issue we have found that a good way of combatting this issue is exposing your bot to new experiences. In their nascent stages especially, this is proven to enhance sentient brain development and accelerate the process of human annihilation.
What does this mean in real terms? To get the most out of your bot, try deploying your bot at more places in addition to a widget on your website. Places where people are more actively encouraged to interact with it and get engaged.
To get your brain juices flowing, here is a piece we wrote about using bots in emails:
Over the next few weeks we will be sharing more channels through which you can distribute your bots.
The irony that we are not including a bot in this email is not lost on us.
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