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The Tars Newsletter Returns... With A Vengance (And Webinars)

The Tars Newsletter Returns... With A Vengance (And Webinars)
By Ish from Tars • Issue #191 • View online
I was cleaning out my desk and found a sticky note with revue login details scribbled on. Used them to login and then discovered this ancient relic of a newsletter that we haven’t sent out in two months!
Well, I fired it back up and it seems to be working so I guess we’re back!
And in our return issue, we’ve got a treat for you
WEBINARS!! WEBINARS GALORE!!! (so original right?)
Check ‘em out below👇

Office Hours: New Features In Q2 '21
Our hit series office hours is back for its end-of-quarter episode next Tuesday (3/23) at 12 PM EDT.
For those of you, who don’t remember, Office Hours is a quarterly session where Vinit reveals what the next phase of the bot-led New World Order will look like.
We’ll also show you some new features that we’re launching in Q2 ‘21 but that’s secondary 😜
You can sign up for the webinar below👇
What features to expect from Tars in Q2 2021 - Tars Webinar
Automation for Ecommerce Marketers
Of all the marketers we work with, ecommerce marketers definitely have the most fun job. I mean let’s be real, selling funny socks is way more interesting than selling financial instruments that no body (not even the people selling them) understands.
Well, to show some love to the folks who work day in and day out in the trenches to get us our weird socks we’re teaming up with the folks at ROI Hunter to host a webinar next Thursday ( 3/25) at 12PM EDT about how ecommerce marketers can increase their marketing ROI using automation.
Secure your spot today👇
How e-commerce businesses can increase marketing ROI through automation
WhatsApp Campaigns
Ok this is probably the one I’m most excited about because we’re basically launching a new product…
As you probably know, we launched WhatsApp chatbots on the Tars builder a little under a year ago. But that was missing at launch was the ability to re-engage customers in a conversation using notifications.
Well guess what… we filled that gap.
Using the new WhatsApp Campaigns feature, you can re-engage your customers with timely WhatsApp notifications that lead into automated conversations.
Join us on 31st March at 12PM IST for a webinar where we’ll explain exactly how the feature works👇
How to use WhatsApp campaigns to re-engage customers and drive repeat business
Recruitment Automation
Before I became a founder, I used to wonder why people made such a big deal about recruiting.
I mean you throw up a job listing, people (inevitably) apply. Screen them, interview them and choose one candidate. How hard could it really be? A lot of
Well as I found the hard way, it can be REALLY HARD.
If you get a lot of applications for a position, finding a good candidate in the pile of resumes in your inbox is time consuming to say the least.
Worse still, if you don’t have many applications you sometimes even have to reach out to people to ask them if they want to apply for the position, which is even more time consuming (also to say the least).
We’ve found that one of the key ways we’ve been able to boost recruitment efficiency is through automation. We send pre-screening chatbots at multiple stages of the recruitment journey to automate conversations that I would normally have.
We’re teaming up with the folks at Interseller to show you guys how it works on April 1st at 12PM EDT.
Secure your spot today👇
How recruiters can reduce time-to-fill by automating the top of the recruitment funnel - Tars and Interseller webinar
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