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Tars Marketing Quarter-in-Review
By Ish from Tars • Issue #186 • View online
Well guys it’s the the end of the fiscal quarter and you know what that means in the Tars family.
It’s time to play our favorite game…
Marketing Team Deathmatch

The rules of this game are simple.
We review all of our content marketing goals for the last quarter and for everyone that wasn’t achieved we sacrifice a member of the marketing team to the old gods.
Let’s begin!
When Q3 began we knew that webinars were going to be a big part of our content marketing strategy.
We like making them, you guys seem to like watching them, they make great sales assets and we are shameless conformists who saw that everyone else was doing webinars so we jumped on the bandwagon.
Our aim for the quarter was to do 6 webinars and guess what! We achieved it.
We produced six solid webinars, including one that we did earlier this week.
Check ‘em out below👇
Case Studies
Ah case studies… a sales team’s best friend.
When the quarter started our case study game was honestly pretty weak. We didn’t really have a process in place to produce them and the ones we had at the time weren’t as detailed as we wanted them to be.
So going into the quarter we wanted to produce at least 9 new case studies that were something we could feel proud of!
Did we hit that goal?
Thankfully for Arnav and Abhilash, the answer is yes.
You can check out all of our case studies on the page below👇
Tars Chatbots Case Studies and Success Stories
LinkedIn Posts
At Tars, we’re big fans of LinkedIn.
The cringe-y motivational posts? The blind idolatry of billionaires and their morning routines? The unending messages from random people who want to “pick your brain?”
What’s not to love!!
When the quarter started we wanted to up our LinkedIn game and decided to post at least 50 linkedin posts in the quarter across our accounts.
We hit that goal on Monday🎉
You can check out most of those 50 posts on my profile 👇
Ish's Kickass LinkedIn Profile
Of all the content on this list, our newsletter is the ones we’ve been doing the longest.
So when we decided that we were going to send 11 of these newsletter editions this quarter, we were pretty confident that we’d hit the goal.
We were right.
Including this newsletter (which we technically drafted before the quarter’s end), we sent 11 newsletters last quarter!
Check out our newsletters below👇
Ish from Tars | Revue
We started the quarter strong on the podcast front.
In the first month or so we published 5 episodes of our flagship (read: only) podcast, Tars Conversations.
But then things kinda fell off of a cliff. We published just two more after
It turns out, coordinating times with people during a pandemic can be hard, especially when everyone’s in a different timezone.
But the rules are the rules and a missed target is a missed target so we’re going to go draw straws now about who gets the axe (literally).
While we do that, you can listen to the podcast episodes that we did end up publishing👇
Tars Conversations Podcast
P.S. If you haven’t done so already, join our Facebook Group where our botmaking community discusses all things chatbot👇
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