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Tars Analyze Section = More conversions :)

We have a singular belief that drives us. Chatbots = Higher Conversion Rates Our reasoning behind th
Tars Analyze Section = More conversions :)
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We have a singular belief that drives us.
Our reasoning behind this claim is easy enough to follow. Chatbots are more engaging than forms. Higher engagement, in turn, means less people closing the page before they provide you with their contact info.

Of course, today is not about making completely theoretical claims. Today, we substantiate our claims with some cold hard evidence.
We are officially launching the Analyze Section in Tars Chatbot Builder.
What is the Analyze Section?
The Analyze section contains a few metrics about the way your bot is functioning. As of right now, these metrics tell you things like how many people are landing on your page, how many people are actually proceeding in the conversation etc.
The analyze section looks like this :
What do each of the metrics mean?
Now I know what you are thinking. “Goal Conversion Rate? Bot Interaction Rate? Sounds like some good old fashioned jargon to me!!” This is why Vinit wrote a helpful help doc which explains what all of these metrics mean.
Why is this important?
We believe that these metrics will allow you to tangibly measure the success of your bots. You can tell exactly how many leads you are getting, and exactly how much value you are getting from your Tars Chatbot.
These metrics will help you adjust your conversational flows so that they collect more leads. For example - in a bot which I created, I noticed that the goal conversion rate was quite low. So I made some changes to the flow reducing the amount of gambits users had to interact with. A couple of days later, I checked the Analyze section and the conversion rate had gone up!
Anyways, I’ll leave you be so you can play around with your bot’s data. Let us know if you have any feedback, thoughts, or questions!
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