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Tars Affiliate Program - Spread the chatbot love!

Today we launched an intern out of a cannon. 
Tars Affiliate Program - Spread the chatbot love!
By Ish from Tars • Issue #48 • View online
Today we launched an intern out of a cannon. 

Pretty sure it was a violation of some labour laws, but it was worth the lawsuit because it gave us a genius idea!
We were speaking to our regular cannon guy (his name is Phillip), and it turns out that rent-a-cannon industry runs on referrals. You know, get some friends to rent his cannon out and you get one cannon shot for free!
Anyways, that conversation got us thinking. Cannons and chatbots are similar in many ways. Both are engaging, both have revolutionised the way we do business, and both increase conversions!!
So we decided that we would borrow Phillip’s idea and spread the chatbot love through the new: 
TARS Affiliate Program
What is it?
Put simply, you refer people to Tars. If they get a paid subscription, you get a 30% cut of that subscription on a recurring basis.
Why is it important?
Chatbots are future of user engagement and we think that you, the Chatbot PIONEERS, should be able to be a part of that change.
How can you join the program?
For more specifics, check out our affiliate page over here:
Excited?! Would love to hear ideas on how you are looking to promote Tars bots with your audience.
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