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Squirrel Barbeque and the Secret to High Conversion Rates 🐿🐿

Squirrel Barbeque and the Secret to High Conversion Rates 🐿🐿
By Ish from Tars • Issue #66 • View online
Real quick, before we begin with the regularly scheduled program.
I bet Vinit (from the TARS tech team) that if I get a post to trend on GrowthHackers, he has to dress up like the Snapchat dancing hot dog for a WHOLE WEEK.

Have you ever changed the oil in your car?
I was wading through some mean traffic in Sun City, Arizona when my car started making a weird noise. Smoke started billowing out of the bonnet and I came to a grinding halt.
I got out of the car to check the issue and on opening the bonnet, you will never believe what I saw!
A colony of ultra-intelligent squirrels had decided to host a frickin barbeque on my engine.

At first, I was perplexed. Squirrels? A barbeque? What meat do squirrels eat?! Then it dawned on me. I was probably suffering from carbon monoxide hallucinations because my car is a piece of shit.
Anyways, I spoke to the potentially hypothetical vermin and it turns out they were perfectly nice rodents! One even informed me that my car’s oil needed changing.
I googled an oil change shop close by and believe it or not the first link dropped me right into a PPC chatbot! The experience was so engaging that I personally felt 50% more likely to convert. Check it out:
Automotive Dynamics Increased its Conversion Rate by 50% using a PPC Chatbot
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