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Smarter bots...better cows

The other week Vinit from the tech team and I were discussing all the things that matter in life (yes
Smarter bots...better cows
By Ish from Tars • Issue #29 • View online
The other week Vinit from the tech team and I were discussing all the things that matter in life (yes indeed, ALL of them) and how we at TARS could make those things more accessible to you.
And we realised that one thing stood out from the rest.
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Which was it?
Love? Happiness? Family? Money?
No, no, no, and no.
The answer is milk!
Yes, you read that correct. Milk.

Its versatile, delicious and dare I say the best damn food/drink in the world. You can make ice cream, milkshakes, tea (NOTE: black tea is not real tea), cake, cookies, the list is endless.
Need I say more?
So how are we bringing it to you?
We are pivoting from being a chatbot company to being a dairy farm and research lab.
We have bought several cows of different breeds (Holsteins, Zebus, La Reinas, the whole shebang) and brought them into the TARS office to begin a Fidel Castro-esque programme to create a super hardy milk producing machine of a cow. In 5 to 6 generations, we will have the ideal milk producing cow with the finest milk just for you. So stay tuned.
Till Then...
Till our dairy paradise becomes a reality, we wanted to create something to keep you occupied.
A distant second in the list of things that matter in life was Conversions.
So we built a new feature to increase conversions.
It’s called Conditional Jump.
Conditional Jump lets your bot check user’s text responses and send them in different directions based on what they input. For example, if you are a loan provider and you want to show different interest rates and ask different questions based on a person’s age or income, your bot can now check the value a customer types and direct them in a different direction in the conversation.
More about this feature update in this post :
Check out this new powerful feature that will make your bots really smart and let us know what you think about it.
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