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Read this if you hate waiting in line...

You too huh? Well, I don't know about you but in my experience the worst perpetrator of long, slow li
Read this if you hate waiting in line...
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You too huh?
Well, I don’t know about you but in my experience the worst perpetrator of long, slow lines has been the government.
Wait four hours in a passport renewal line, only to find that you are missing an esoteric document?
No thank you!
Thankfully, we have found a solution.
What if I told you, it was possible to get all the valuable government services to which you are entitled from the comfort of your home?
A pipe dream? Perhaps not.
A few months back, we were thrilled to welcome to the extended TARS bot family - BEN and CAMI, customer service bots for the Montana State Government Motor Vehicle Division (you might know it as an RTO or DMV where you are)
The two bots, allow Montana residents to access much needed resources from a government office that is notorious the world over for its painful inefficiency, in a timely manner at home!
A few months into their existence, we reached out to Levi Worts, creator of the bot and one of our most active users to see how the initiative was going. Graciously, he wrote a whole article on his experience.
A few highlights to whet your palette:
- In the first month, BEN, the primary bot, received 10,000 impressions
- The bots helped otherwise underused resources on the MVD website see a massive jump in usage. Almost 900% jump in some cases.
- The department was so happy with the implementation that today, if you go to the MVD website, the TARS chatbot is the primary means of engagement. The bot has literally changed the way government functions (check out the picture below)

To summarise the value they have seen, let me quote Levi himself :
Imagine having the power of 1,000 employees ready to simultaneously guide thousands of customers 24/7/365
Interested yet? If so, check out the full story below:
Beating the System with BEN and CAMI : How Chatbots can Transform Government Interaction
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