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[Product Update] Supercharge your Customer Engagement with WhatsApp Webhook Campaigns

[Product Update] Supercharge your Customer Engagement with WhatsApp Webhook Campaigns
By Ish from Tars • Issue #200 • View online
TLDR; We’re launching a brand new way for you to communicate with customers on WhatsApp. Check out the details here:
Also, our CTO might have crashed WhatsApp globally, but we are 98% sure it was worth the trouble.
Here’s the full story 👇🏼

The Real Reason WhatsApp Went Down Last Week
When my parents graduated high school, kids who scored more than 70% were literally considered genius. By the time I graduated high school, one needed a 95% score to just be competitive. 
Much like in life, standards have changed in the world of business too. For decades, most marketers have been satisfied with an average open rate of 18% on their email campaigns. 
But what if we were to tell you there now exists an amazing new channel for connecting with your existing or prospective customers, with an incredible open rate of…*drumrolls*… 70%
Sounds unbelievable right?
Well, you better believe it because it exists and it’s called WhatsApp (have you heard of it before?)
We’ve helped businesses get on WhatsApp for over a year now and the results have been staggering. Our customers have been able to drive millions of meaningful customer interactions on the platform and have run campaigns with open rates of over 70% and response rates of over 40%.
This is why our fantastic Product Team, led by our CTO Vinit, spent the last few months working day and night (mostly night, because Vinit is part owl), to figure out how the TARS Whatsapp Channel can be best configured to deliver the maximum value to you, our customers. 
At one point last Monday things got so intense that I woke up to an unhinged 17-minute long call from Vinit in Old French where the only discernible words were WhatsApp, Illuminati, and Mark Zuckerberg. 
While I didn’t understand what Vinit was saying (my Old French is atrocious), at the end of the call he started screaming “I’ve done it! Let the World burn!” and then the call got cut because WhatsApp went down. Now I’m not saying that the two incidents weren’t related… but I’m also not not saying that they weren’t related.
Since then, both WhatsApp and Vinit have been restored to some semblance of normalcy. I can’t speak to what the Facebook engineers did to get their products back up, but as for Vinit, we fed, hydrated, and napped him. He’s back in a stable condition and while he won’t admit to bringing down Facebook apps globally (he totally did), we finally do know what he was trying to tell me about on the call!
After innumerable rounds of development and testing, we are finally ready to announce the latest update to our Whatsapp engagement channel: automated WhatsApp messages can now be triggered directly from your CRM. The trigger can be anything right from lead generation, change in lead stage and lead sitting idle for “x” time to personalized discount/promotional notifications based on user activity. 
The use cases are truly endless!
If you’re as excited about this new feature as we are, check out the full story below: 
Supercharge Your Customer Engagement Using WhatsApp Webhook Campaigns - Tars Blog
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