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Product Update: Smarter Email Notifications

If you are using a TARS bot, you might have noticed that the number of emails you receive from your b
Product Update: Smarter Email Notifications
By Ish from Tars • Issue #18 • View online
If you are using a TARS bot, you might have noticed that the number of emails you receive from your bot has increased significantly in the past couple of days. Specifically, you would have started receiving mails that end like this:

Why is this happening? Is it just that our backend has gotten more comfortable talking to you? Likely not, because our backend is a piece of code that is not sentient.
Did we make a change to the product? 
The Change
Till now, your bots have only sent you email notifications when someone completes a conversation. But what about all of those people who start a conversation but leave half way through?
That is where the new emails come into the picture. We have made our email notification system more intelligent so that you get emails for incomplete conversations as well. Hence the emails that look like this:
How does it work?
Actually, we wrote a whole piece to explain this in detail. Check it out -
Why is this important?
Now you must be wondering, why anyone would want to know about incomplete conversations? Two reasons:
Data is valuable. For example, if you have a lead generation bot and some one fills out their email but closes the chat before they can give you their other details, you could still use their email to follow up.
It can help you build better bots. If you notice a trend in your incomplete chats of where people tend to close out, you could optimise your bot flow to increase conversions.
We’d love to hear your thoughts about this new addition. Let me know by replying to this email.
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