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[Product Update] Chatbots + Zapier = 😍

[Product Update] Chatbots + Zapier = 😍
By Ish from Tars • Issue #114 • View online
TLDR; A convoluted announcement for the brand new TARS Zapier integration that let’s you send data from chatbots to your CRMs automatically
This week, Vinit and I decided that it is time for TARS to move into its next stage of growth 📈
We’ve always viewed lead gen chatbots as a mere stepping stone to bigger and better products, and today we are beginning that transition with an early exploration into a new product segment 😤

If you’ve read our newsletters before you’ll know that this technology isn’t all that new to us. Vinit is the proud owner of a homemade portal gun which he frequently uses to zap⚡ interns into the abyss ⚫
But that was just fun and games.🏓
Now we are getting serious about things and we want to figure out how we can achieve PMF, GTM, and…
Oh yes…
You thought we’d forget but we didn’t…
Of course, we are not naive. Well… maybe Vinit is a little bit, but I am most certainly not!
I recognize that we can’t go from 0 to 100 overnight, so we are taking baby steps to achieve our dream of being the premier B2B Teleportation as a Service provider in the world.
The first baby step??

Now I know what you are thinking. Was this newsletter just a long and convoluted way to announce our latest product update?
The TARS Zapier integration is legit teleportation.
It automatically transfers lead data captured by your TARS chatbots into your preferred CRM😮
Check out the full story below👇
Manage Your Data Like a Boss Using the TARS Zapier Integration
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