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[Product Update] Chatbot Templates

Before we jump into the main announcement, a quick reminder. I am hosting a webinar explaining how yo
[Product Update] Chatbot Templates
By Ish from Tars • Issue #106 • View online
Before we jump into the main announcement, a quick reminder. I am hosting a webinar explaining how you can use chatbots and push notifications to increase the number of leads entering your funnel. Here’s the sign-up link:

The Story Behind the Chatbot Template Gallery
We were having our weekly product check-in last Friday, when Vinit came up with a gem of an idea: What if we created an efficient means of inter-dimensional travel, and used that technology to find a universe in which we created the most efficient tool for chatbot creation possible and brought it back to this dimension.
At first, I was skeptical.
I mean inter-dimensional travel is great and all, but what about all the bureaucratic nonsense that would go into making it happen? The visas, the permits, and worst of all the customs forms we’d have to fill out on re-entering the current dimension!
But then Emmanual pointed something out that I hadn’t thought of! What if we went into a parallel universe where we had filled out all the customs forms, stole the customs forms, and then went to the universe with the most efficient form of chatbot creation and brought it back.
Suffice it to say that Emmanual is a genius, because his plan worked out perfectly. We fired up the good old portal gun, stole the forms, stole the creation method and returned successfully this morning.
So what fancy new creation tool did we find?
The Chatbot Templates Gallery
It’s a comprehensive gallery of well-made chatbot templates which you can use as inspiration or as a starting point for your chatbot creation experience.
Check out the full announcement below:
[Product Update] Chatbot Template Gallery
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