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[Podcast] Using Chatbots To Optimize Small Business Websites

Real quick, before we begin: We're hosting another webinar, this Thursday (19/12) at 10AM EST on... W
[Podcast] Using Chatbots To Optimize Small Business Websites
By Ish from Tars • Issue #158 • View online
Real quick, before we begin: We’re hosting another webinar, this Thursday (19/12) at 10AM EST on… Where you should NOT use chatbots🤔
I know that this premise seems antithetical to everything we say in these newsletters but the content team assures me that the webinar will be worth your time🤷‍♂️
Find out more and sign up over 👉👉HERE👈👈
Now for the fun stuff👇

When I can’t think of what to write in these newsletters, I dump the most important word from the email subject into the GIPHY search bar🔍 and see if there are any interesting/funny/bizarre results that I can use as inspiration💭
Today, the word I selected was “optimize” and as always GIPHY delivered!🎁
Hidden away in between all the standard SNL, Simon Cowell, and weird psychadelic GIFs was this weird GIF about fuel economy👇
Being the procrastinator that I am, I decided that instead of getting back to newsletter writing, I had to investigate who in their right mind was posting GIFs about fuel economy on GIPHY👩‍🔬, because when you think of GIFs you don’t generally think “Ah yes, the ideal medium for me to discuss energy efficiency🤯”
So I clicked on the GIF, and the creator of the was none other than🥁🥁
ARCO, the multi-billion dollar oil company that sells some of the cheapest gas in LA
At first I was super confused because😕:

  1. Why does an oil company feel like they need a GIPHY account 🤨
  2. Do they really think that anyone (except me apparently) is going to use a GIF about fuel efficiency😵
But then I thought about it some more and I realized that it was the perfect (albeit long-winded) intro to today’s piece of content👍
In the age of digital marketing, every single business is looking for ways to grab a share of customer attention📺
At TARS, for example, we run social media ads🤳, send newsletters📧, run webinars🎤 and in some cases even create weird GIFs📸 just so that you guys will give us even a fraction of your time⌚
Now for big companies (like ARCO), doing this is relatively easy😴
They make billions of dollars so they can literally hire a team of people just to handle their GIPHY account💰💰💰
But what about small businesses?🤔
How do they survive in a marketing landscape where attention is scarce and the competition (in some cases) has nearly endless amounts of money?😥
We spoke to Mike McGreevy at ZoomOut Group🤵 about how he helps small businesses in Pittsburgh, PA grab a share of the attention pie with their modest resources😎
Check it out below👇
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