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[Podcast] Chatbots to Consumer Insights

[Podcast] Chatbots to Consumer Insights
By Ish from Tars • Issue #182 • View online
ICYMI we hosted a webinar last week about how you can make your chatbots feel more human (read: convert more visitors in to leads)
Check out the recording over here👉
Now back to the regularly scheduled program for the day

Chatbots for Consumer Insights
When we first started doing content marketing at TARS we used to write about pretty much anything that popped into our heads…
Chatbots, PPC ads, world domination… anything we thought, we wrote.
Our reasoning behind this approach was that if we liked something, our (prospective) customers should too.
Well…we were wrong. Dead-wrong.
The engagement on our content was atrocious.
Most people didn’t want to click on our content, and in the few who did dropped almost immediately after the page loaded.
We spoke to some of our actual customers to see why this was the case, and they told us that our writing was far too technical.
It was the sort of content that appealed to other tech nerds like us, but not the average marketer/entrepreneur who didn’t know much about chatbots.
Using this feedback we ended up fixing our content woes, but the experience definitely had an impact on our psyche as marketers.
To this day, in our daily marketing stand-ups, we talk about how to prevent such a situation from arising again in the future.
Which is why I was super excited when I heard that this week’s TARS conversation episode was about how businesses can avoid our mistakes.
Jerome Van Der Linden and his team over at the Bot Implementation Institute are helping large CPG firms gather rich consumer insights using chatbot-administered interviews.
Even if you don’t run a large CPG firm, his teachings about “knowing your customer” are still pretty useful.
Check out Jerome’s interview below👇
How Chatbots Are Revolutionizing The Way Businesses Find Consumer Insights - Tars Blog
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