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[Podcast] Chatbot Creator Interviews🎨🎤

TLDR; A bunch of you hit the like button on our newsletter last week about podcasts (way more than no
[Podcast] Chatbot Creator Interviews🎨🎤
By Ish from Tars • Issue #148 • View online
TLDR; A bunch of you hit the like button on our newsletter last week about podcasts (way more than normal), so we decided to create our own one. Check it out here.
So after my email last week, where I apologized for sending to many podcasts and then made you guys listen to yet another podcast🙄, something amazing happened!
You guys liked the shit out of it!😍

Dozens of you clicked that wonderful little 👍 button at the bottom of this email and it brought tears of joy to my eyes😭 because now I know that there are at least some weirdos out there who actually like the same nerdy, chatboty things that I do🤓
Anyways, I wanted to tell you guys that we hear you and we are going to give you more of that sort podcasty content on a regular basis!🔁
In fact, we are starting a brand new interview series🎤, where each week, we interview a bot creator from around the world of TARS🌎 and talk to them about how they are using chatbots🤖 to deliver real value to their clients and users😎
We’re tentatively calling the podcast, TARS Conversations, but we’re open to better names😅 (if you guys have any, send em to us as a reply to this email📧)
In our first episode, we talk to Levi Worts🕴 from the Montana🗻 Department of Justice about how he achieved the impossible:
Fixing the DMV customer service experience🤯
If you’ve ever had a bad experience at the DMV, check out what he had to say 👇
How the State of Montana Fixed Its DMV Customer Service Using a Chatbot
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