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No clicks, No conversions, No bots...

Just as humans need air and water to live, bots need clicks to exist. So what does a bot do when it
No clicks, No conversions, No bots...
By Ish from Tars • Issue #31 • View online
Just as humans need air and water to live, bots need clicks to exist.
So what does a bot do when it needs human interaction?
While waiting in line at the local restaurant or procrastinating doing actual work, we have been plagued by this issue since as far back as we can remember.
Last week though, something changed. One brave soul decided to put his foot down and take a stand.
He stood atop restaurant tables and began a speech that brought tears to the eyes of fellow restaurant patrons.

I am talking about Vinit, from the Tars Tech team ofcourse.
“How can we do nothing while hundreds, nay, thousands of TARS bots out there are not getting the clicks that they need?”
“How can humanity be so indifferent in the face of such a problem…that is truly not big a deal in the grander scheme of history?”
“Let us change this, my fellow humans. Let us put an end to this madness”
And then he ran out of the restaurant wearing a table cloth as a cape to build TARS’ latest feature: Chatbot Widget Callout.
The premise of this new feature is simple. People don’t know what to expect when clicking widgets at the bottom of webpages like the TARS bot widget, so we call out to them like this:
The feature has seen the aggregate conversion rate of TARS bots go up by 30-40% in the last week itself and has helped some websites go from 10 conversations per week to 10 conversations per day. We even got messages from some bot creators thinking they were getting spammed because the volume of submissions increased so much:
Let me know what you think about this new update? Are you seeing more user interactions with your bot in the last week?
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