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Live chat is finally here (⚡by Zendesk)

Live chat is finally here (⚡by Zendesk)
By Ish from Tars • Issue #183 • View online
I’m not kidding.
We’ve finally made the jump and given you the ability to integrate live chat into your Tars Chatbots using our brand new Tars-Zendesk Live Chat Integration.
Since this product update is kind of a big deal, I’m going to do this newsletter a bit differently.
If you want to check out the integration immediately, go to our producthunt listing below, give us an upvote, and start using it right away!
If you have the patience/inclination to learn more about why we built this integration, keep scrolling, I’ll give you the full rundown

Tars Chatbot 🔗 Zendesk Chat - Summon Zendesk Live Chat Agent inside your Tars Chatbot | Product Hunt
I thought bots were the best. Why live chat?!?!
Great question!
In these newsletters we constantly harp on about how chatbots are the future of customer engagement and how everyone should use chatbots, and guess what we still believe all of that!
Chatbots are in fact the future of customer engagement, and they will make your business more efficient if you use them.
But, that doesn’t mean that they are perfect.
There are still some situations in which human agents work better and by integrating with Zendesk Live Chat, we give you the option of pulling a human agent into the conversation when those situations arise.
When does live chat work better than bots?
To answer this question, let’s take a look at an example…
Lets say a 1000 people click onto your landing page through an ad.
900 of them drop because… well… that’s just what ad-click prospects do!
Of the remaining 100, 40 know that they want to buy your product/service and after skimming through the info on your page want to share their contact details with you.
For these 40 prospects you should use a chatbot to capture their lead information!
The chatbot is going to be 10x more engaging than a boring lead capture form and lets be real pulling in a human agent to collect someone’s email id and phone number is overkill. It would be a complete waste of time, effort and money to allocate valuable agent time to a mundane task like this.
Let the bot do the grunt work!
Now we’re left with the 60 remaining prospects who stayed on the page but aren’t fully sure about your pulling the lead gen trigger yet…
These prospects are almost sure that they want to buy your product/service, but they have a few nagging questions that they need to get off their chest before they follow-through with it.
So how do you resolve their uncertainty and convert them into leads?
This is where things get a bit tricky…
In our experience, about 70% of these prospects (42 of them) will have basic queries like “what are your hours of operation?,” and “what is your pricing structure like?.”
Like with the leadgen flow, these basic queries don’t need a human being to resolve. A chatbot can easily answer these questions.
The remaining 30% (18 prospects), though, will have complex questions that are completely unique to their individual circumstances (think about questions like “I want to whitelabel your product and resell it. Can we discuss a partnership agreement?”).
A chatbot is not going to be able to handle these questions because let’s be real, AI is not quite at that level yet, and you are almost definitely going to need to hand the conversation off to an actual human being.
This is where live chat comes into the picture.
By having the ability to hand conversations off to a human being for complex queries, a chatbot can ensure that no prospect is left on the table for your competitors to snap up.
And that is why we built the Tars-Zendesk Live Chat Integration.
Ok I'm convinced. How do I get started?
Well for starters, go give our producthunt listing an upvote👇
It helps us get in front of more people and get new customers.
Tars Chatbot 🔗 Zendesk Chat - Summon Zendesk Live Chat Agent inside your Tars Chatbot | Product Hunt
Once you’ve done that, check out this kickass helpdoc that our tech team created. It’s got everything you need to know to get started
How To Integrate Zendesk Live Chat Into Your Chatbot | Tars Help Center
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