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Less Talk, Work Moar!

Make some space guys. The feature truck is pulling in!!
Less Talk, Work Moar!
By Ish from Tars • Issue #54 • View online
Make some space guys. The feature truck is pulling in!!

In these mails, we usually paint Vinit (from the Tars tech team), in a fairly negative light. He is usually up to some bizarre shenanigan which ends in a completely unrelated feature in the bot builder.
Most of the times though, he is a no-nonsense, clinical, executor of his job. Check it out.
The Headlining Act
The main feature update today is the addition of a Date Range filter in the Data section of Tars chatbots.
Till now, whenever you have checked the Data Analyze or Data View or Data Export sections, the builder has showed stats and submissions since the bot’s creation. With the new Time Range feature, you can filter the data by date to see how your bot is performing in a specific period of time.
Check out this video tutorial to see how you can use this new feature to get better conversions with your bots :
Check it out!
Check it out!
Other features in Vinit’s beastly coding tear…
A brand new date and time scroller UI. You’ll find that it looks a lot less like iOS from 2010 and a lot more like iOS from 2018 :D
An enhancement to the card input UI for easier Desktop use:
Have you been eagerly waiting for a feature that we should add to the bot builder or the chatbots? I would love to hear from you about it.
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