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I have a dream...

I have a recurring dream where I wake up naked in my 9th grade Math classroom, in the middle of a tes
I have a dream...
By Ish from Tars • Issue #4 • View online
I have a recurring dream where I wake up naked in my 9th grade Math classroom, in the middle of a test for which I am not prepared.
That I am naked is actually inconsequential to the story though. Because in this dream world, human society has not stigmatised nudity; so every one in the class was naked and it was really quite normal.
Quite liberating actually. But I still failed the test though. Anyways… why tell you this story?
Because the theme of today’s newsletter is testing!
1. Preview Button
So first up we have made it easier to preview and test bots while you are building them.
Open up a bot that you have made in the builder (if you have not made one, maybe you can now :) #subtleplug and look at the top right corner. The deploy and live link buttons have changed and next to them there is a preview link :

Click on it and the bot will pop out in the side like this. Amazing right!
2. Start testing from any Gambit
Ok so you know when you build a bot, test it out and then realise you made a tiny mistake all the way at the end, so you go fix it and then take the bot out for a spin again and ugh!!!!
You have to go through the whole flow all over again to see whether your fix worked. Well… no more!!
We have added a _startgid parameter that you can use!
Just add ?_startgid= and then the gambit number (see the image below to see where you can find this) to the end of your bot’s url. Your url will look something like this:
3. API Integration explained over a Bot
So we are trying something interesting today. A lot of you have been asking us how to use the API integration feature. So we decided, in a drug fuelled and sleep deprived haze, that we would do something meta. We would build a bot that uses an API integration to explain how to use API integrations. Check it out:
API Explainer Bot
4. Study Material
Since this week’s theme is testing, we figured it was only fair to give you some study material as well.
You know what that means. Another Bot Roundup!!
Chatbots Roundup #5
AND PLEASE RECOMMEND!! My ego will starve otherwise and I trust that you are not a murderer.
That’s all for today! Remember to send me your thoughts. We love hearing from you :)
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