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⌛How WhatsApp Created A Time Machine (ft. Hidden Symbols🔣)

⌛How WhatsApp Created A Time Machine (ft. Hidden Symbols🔣)
By Ish from Tars • Issue #204 • View online
TL;DR: With iconic businesses (and even governments) going gaga over innovations in WhatsApp Automation — here’s a question worth asking:
🤔Why ?
While some might say that the incredible 70%+ Open Rate or the unmatched 40%+ Response Rate leaves little to the imagination; Emmanual - our gutsy Engineering Lead, has an alternate explanation:
⏲️Time Travel.
Despite having historically indulged every one of [CTO] Vinit’s conspiracy theories, Emmanual actually has a point to make.
If that’s got your 💭 grey cells tickled, here’s the full story 👇🏼

How WhatsApp Automation Created A Time Machine
Once upon a time, in an innocent age before the Worldwide Web; shopping looked somewhat like this⤵️
In this bygone era , a friendly chat with a lovely ‘retail clerk’ equalled a good shopping experience 😊
From product suggestions, returns and discount info, to introducing brand new merchandise — retail clerks were a one-stop solution for all things customer 🛒
⏩Fast-forward to 1990s — when the dawn of the World Wide Web provoked two fundamentally different reactions.
On one hand were the techno-pessimists; like Nobel Prize Winning Economist Paul Krugman 👇🏼
On the other hand were digital entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos who were betting big on the internet👇🏼
Today, with Amazon at a gigantic market cap of $ 1.5 trillion, we all know who won THAT particular argument 😎
Courtesy big daddy Bezos and the early digital revolutionaries, the age of the commercial internet quickly became synonymous with online shopping , which in turn radically changed the consumer experience, in unimaginable ways 🤯
But it all came with a catch.
The same technology that miraculously enabled an unprecedented range of consumer choices, also eliminated the traditional solution to a buyer’s decision-making uncertainty:
Retail clerks.
For a long time, the world seem to simply adjust to this new reality: a cold, alienated (and heavily discounted) shopping experience.
And just when we thought retail clerks would be consigned to the dustbins of history, there arrived WhatsApp.
Through automation platforms like Tars, WhatsApp enables businesses to fill a huge gap in personalized marketing and customer support, without breaking the bank.
Today’s retail clerks and shopping assistants look like this:
Yup, the humble messenger turned super-app.
Like shown above; using the Tars WhatsApp Engagement Suite, businesses worldwide are turning every customer touchpoint into a meaningful conversation thereby recreating the entire persona of a physical assistant of the bygone years. 
From lead generation to user onboarding to customer support —after decades of breath-taking technological progress, we have actually come full circle: back to personalized commerce, albeit in the form of WhatsApp Automation.
Kinda like a time-loop?
Stop. Soak that in for a second.
I don’t know about you, but that’s some philosophically weighty stuff right there.
But hey, if you made it till here, Emmanual would sure be proud of you👇🏼
‘Time’ to come back to reality.
What Else Have We Been Upto?
We’ve been working with Vivant ➡️ a leading health-tech venture that’s attempting to bridge the massive gap in women’s healthcare with a personalized health app for women named ‘Nyra’.
Fun fact: Using our NLP Chatbots, Vivant was successful in resolving thousands of women’s health queries with an incredible accuracy of 82%!
Wanna know more? You gotta read our full case study ⤵️
How Vivant Resolved Women’s Health Queries With 82% Accuracy Using Chatbots - Tars Blog
We’ve also been working with the OKAYA Power Group - a category leader in tubular batteries.
Fun fact: With the help of a hybrid, lead gen + customer support strategy, executed across both Web and WhatsApp Chatbots; Okaya Power Group reduced their TAT by 150% !
Wanna know more? You gotta read our full case study ⤵️
How OKAYA Power Used Chatbots To Resolve Customer Queries And Generate Leads - Tars Blog
Which reminds us, if you ARE going through interesting case studies, you might as well check out another WhatsApp Case Study based on our work for Nestle👇🏼
How Nestle Automated 1000s of Diwali Marketing Messages Using A WhatsApp Chatbot - Tars Blog
When we aren’t dazzling with our products & services, we are busy puzzling twitter:
Ish Jindal
Here's a puzzle for #marketingtwitter:

What unites iconic brands like @BigBazaar, @Nestle and the @OkayaPowerGroup ?

Answer: They're ALL going gangbusters with @hellotars_ai's @WhatsApp Engagement Suite!

🧵Here's how 👇
Aaaaand that’s all for today. Until next time👇🏼
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