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How to make your landing page more intuitive using a chatbot🤖

I'm feeling particularly introspective today, so I'm going to phrase today's newsletter as a series o
How to make your landing page more intuitive using a chatbot🤖
By Ish from Tars • Issue #146 • View online
I’m feeling particularly introspective today, so I’m going to phrase today’s newsletter as a series of questions…
What’s the first thing that you do when you land on a company’s landing page?🤔
(Here’s a sample landing page in case you want to test it out👩‍🔬 really quick to be sure of your answer…)

I’m going to hazard a guess💭 and say that you’re probably giving the page a quick once-over💨 (5 seconds at max) before deciding whether the rest of the page is worth your time⏳
Now think to yourself, how much do you actually know about that page after you’ve glanced over it?🤓
In most cases the answer is, not very much right?🤷‍♂️
And how many times do you actually pay a company real money when you know almost nothing about them?💰
We actually know the answer to that (based on conversion rate metrics): Almost NEVER!!😶
Most of the people who land on your pages are deciding the fate of your marketing campaign after a ultra-quick speed read📖 and let’s be real you aren’t that persuasive of a write so the vast majority of them are dropping📉
The solution is to make your landing pages more intuitive so that it’s easier for prospects to consume all the information on them without any effort, and guess what🙋‍♂️…
Chatbots are a great way to do just that!🤖
In the guide below, we explain how marketers can make their landing pages more intuitive👍 using chatbots and in the process reduce the number of people dropping because of their own lack of attention👇
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