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How Lenin Predicted The Arrival Of Conversational Commerce

How Lenin Predicted The Arrival Of Conversational Commerce
By Ish from Tars • Issue #201 • View online
TL;DR: While the adoption of conversational commerce by industry leaders made all the tsunami waves, we pushed some amazing new updates and helped the world’s largest food & beverage company launch their very first WhatsApp Chatbot!
Plus, our CTO thinks he has figured out the connection between history’s greatest communist and WhatsApp.
While we always approach all of Vinit’s conspiracy theories with caution, this time he might actually have a point.
Here’s the full story 👇🏼

How Lenin Predicted The Arrival Of Conversational Commerce
There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.
That’s what Vladimir Lenin wrote when he was living in exile before the 1917 Russian revolution.
While historians may disagree, our CTO Vinit thinks the world’s foremost communist was actually predicting the arrival of conversational commerce, all the way back in 1917!
Why? Because here in the world of chatbots, lately it does rather feel like someone’s squeezed a decades worth of activity into the last few weeks!
With Uber India allowing users to book rides via WhatsApp and Dinsey+Hotstar entering the WhatsApp Marketing space, not even cynics can deny that WhatsApp as an engagement channel has finally arrived.
Will Cathcart
You can now message @Uber in @WhatsApp to book a ride! Really excited to see this come to all of India next year: making this as simple as sending a message is a great way to make it accessible and easy to use for many more people across the country.
We don’t like to say we told you so…but, we told you so!
Of course, where there’s chatbots, there’s inevitably Tars. Using our no-code chatbot builder, Nestle, the world’s largest food & beverage company, launched their very first WhatsApp Chatbot!
The impact? Nestle took the festive marketing space by storm and generated 1000s of personalized Diwali greeting cards, with a recall value like no other!
Wanna read the full story of how they pulled it off? Here’s our fresh off the racks case-study:
How Nestle Automated 1000s of Diwali Marketing Messages Using A WhatsApp Chatbot - Tars Blog
With industry leaders finally recognizing the value of WhatsApp and entering the space themselves, this moment does feel revolutionary.
Maybe not in the “lets-ban-all-private-property-and-send-everyone-to-the-gulag” sense, but more in the “that’s-some-insanely-rapid-change” sense!
Talking of rapid change, have you noticed how with the arrival of conversational commerce, the phrase ‘response-rate’ seems to be making a comeback?
Given that WhatsApp Marketing generates an astonishing 40%+ response rate, compared to the paltry 1% of emails, this was bound to happen.
To read the entirety of our hot new take on the state of response rates, head on over to:
The Response Rate Is Dead! Long Live The Response Rate. - Tars Blog
Updates, Updates & More Updates
Updates have always been our *thing*; and they still are.
Nothing gets us more pumped than a slack notification that starts with “Pushed an update to production…”
So we were just being ourselves when we managed to crank out so many brilliant updates in the past few weeks. Sticking to just the WhatsApp channel, here’s what we accomplished:
Firstly, courtesy our latest update, users can now upload and share media like audio, video, gifs, documents and images over WhatsApp Chatbots. From KYC to Meme Challenges, the possibilities with this update are endless.
Secondly, we have made our WhatsApp Chatbots location aware! Businesses can now collect geo-location data and use it to deliver a personalized lead gen experience to all their prospects!
Thirdly, we have incorporated interactive buttons and lists into the UI of our WhatsApp chatbot, meaning engagement over the channel is now guaranteed to be frictionless.
To Sum Up...
…the last few weeks have felt exhilarating. Or as Vinit, our part-time CTO and full time communications king likes to puts it: it’s been pure ecstasy! (the emotion, not the drug.)
For conversational commerce, this is just the beginning. Since we picked the right horse, now its win-o-clock.
Till then, peace out.
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