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How chatbots can help you boost your lead quality📈

Ok here's the plan for this newsletter👇1) I'm gonna make a bombastic claim that contradicts everythin
How chatbots can help you boost your lead quality📈
By Ish from Tars • Issue #155 • View online
Ok here’s the plan for this newsletter👇
1) I’m gonna make a bombastic claim that contradicts everything I’ve ever said in all of the newsletters before this one💣
2) I’m going to go full-on marketing nerd🤓 and explain why that bombastic claim makes sense📘
3) You should have seen this one coming but, I’m going to shamelessly tell you why you need a chatbot🤖

Bombastic Claim💥
This might come as a shock to you, but in the marketing game conversion rate isn’t everything🤯
I know that it’s kinda weird for me of all people to make such a claim😜, because every single week I rant on these newsletters about how the conversion rates aren’t high enough📢, but I’m being dead serious💀…
Conversion rates really are not the be all and end all of marketing😱
Marketing nerd time🤓
Let me put it to you this way…
You have two landing pages for the exact same product and with equal traffic called X🍎 and Y🍏
X captures 100 leads👍 per month and Y captures 500 leads per month👍👍
In theory, Y should be 5x better than X right?🤔
Well, not exactly🤨…
While Landing Page Y does have a 5x greater conversion rate📈 than Landing Page X, you know nothing about the quality of those extra leads,😫 and let me tell you from personal experience, that NOT knowing the quality of your leads is pure hell🔥🔥🔥
You need information to convert a lead into a paying customer and poorly qualified leads by definition are light on details😬
As such, to convert low quality leads into paying customers you need to invest effort💦 and patience😤 in stalking the lead’s social profiles, researching their websites and jumping on long-winded email chains📧 with them to confirm their information before you can even convert them.
In other words, poorly qualified leads are a time-suck⏳
The Accept-Chatbots-Into-Your-Heart Argument
Well, that’s where today’s blogpost comes into the picture🖼
We wrote a guide explaining how chatbots can help you get higher quality leads that convert waaaaaay faster⚡
Check it out below👇
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