How Chatbots Affect SEO?





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How Chatbots Affect SEO?
By Ish from Tars • Issue #192 • View online
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How chatbots affect SEO?
SEO… what is it, where did it come from, and does it play nice with your chatbot?
These are fundamental questions about the universe that scientists, philosophers and marketers have been asking themselves since the dawn of humanity and today we finally know the answers.
Check them out below👇
What is SEO?
Everywhere I look on the internet it says that SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it’s the act of optimizing your webpage so that it ranks well on SERPs.
I’m skeptical though.
I did some digging on the dark web I’m pretty sure it’s actually just ancient alien technology designed to transmogrify human attention into gold.
Where did it come from?
Again if you believe the so-called “experts,” it kinda just came about after the first search engines popped up.
BUT if you’re with me on the alien theory, the vast majority of folks in the online community agree that SEO originates in the GN-z11 galaxy (unsure of the exact planet) and it came to earth on the back of the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs.
It was trapped deep underground for millenia and then Rand Fishkin uncovered it while he was spelunking a couple of decades ago.
Does SEO play nice with your chatbots?
We got elite internet sleuth, and good friend, Chintan Zalani to look into this question and the results are actually pretty awesome!
It turns out that chatbots and SEO actually play quite nicely with each other.
Chatbots can enhance user engagement and increase dwell time, both of which make your pages rank better.
Here’s the full story 👇
How Chatbots Can Help Your Site's SEO?
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