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[Guide] How NOT to build a chatbot

[Guide] How NOT to build a chatbot
By Ish from Tars • Issue #184 • View online
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Now back to the fun stuff👇

Remember 2011?
I think we can all agree that 2011 was a pretty awesome year.
What a year! Rolling in the Deep by Adele was on top of the music charts, the last Harry Potter movie came out, James Franco bungled hosting the Oscars, and, of course, the world wasn’t stuck in the middle of a pandemic🙃
For me, 2011 will always be special because it was the year Siri came out.
As a chatbot enthusiast, Siri stirs up mixed emotions.
It was the first widely available conversational agent that people could use and in a lot of ways was a pioneer in the conversational tech game. It’s quite possible that TARS wouldn’t be a thing if Siri hadn’t come out.
But equally, it is a cautionary tale for anyone who decides to build a chatbot.
Siri. A Cautionary Tale.
It didn’t take long after Siri came out for people to start noticing that it didn’t quite live up to the promise of being ‘a personal assistant in your pocket.’ It didn’t understand what users were saying and would often throw up ridiculous responses to seemingly easy requests.
And that reputation stuck with it!
Even today, 9 years after its release, TV shows and Movies still make jokes about voice assistants messing up
What does this have to do with chatbots?
Siri taught us when it comes to conversational tech, users expect nothing short of a buttery smooth experience.
There can be no clunkiness, no friction and certainly no errors (regardless of how minor) in the experience otherwise your users will get alienated and avoid the technology in the future.
How do I NOT make bad chatbots?
Well, that’s where today’s content comes into the picture.
We wrote a guide telling you the 5 mistakes that you should absolutely avoid while building a chatbot.
Check it out below👇
5 Don’ts When Writing a Script for a Chatbot - Tars Blog
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