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Feckin' hate kids...

Recently, I discovered a potential new market. I was baby sitting for the first time and I thought t
Feckin' hate kids...
By Ish from Tars • Issue #6 • View online
Recently, I discovered a potential new market.
I was baby sitting for the first time and I thought to myself, what would happen if I gave a child a bot to play with.
So I did it…
There I was in the midst of the five 9 year olds I was babysitting.
I reached out handing them a simple riddle bot on my phone to play with and you’ll never believe what happened next…
The kid on the left took my phone and took one look at the screen and threw it down the slide.

I actually count that as a victory. Atleast he looked at the phone before throwing it.
Anyways, even if the kids do not like my bots, I know that I always have you guys! My bot building community.
Speaking of community. (Damn that was a shit segue)
Here is our big announcement for the week:
1. TARS Community page
We are creating a community page. Ask queries. Seek inspiration. This is a great place to see what other bot makers are up to and learn something new that you can add to your bots.
Seriously though, we tentatively pushed it earlier this week and the reception has been amazing. I have learned things from our fellow bot builders around the world!! They are a truly amazing bunch and your voice would really add to the discussion.
2. Something fun for the week
Now that we have got the work out of the way, let’s get on to the play. This week in procrastination at TARS, Vinit from the tech team is at it again.
He built a meme generator bot that we love.
Check it out and most importantly UPVOTE IT on ProductHunt :
3. Routine stu…maybe not?
You know how we usually end every newsletter with our weekly bot roundup of some of our favourite, TARS built bots? Well this week we are mixing it up. Instead of showcasing bots, we wanted to kick off a series describing bot making best practices. This week we cover - the all important message delays.
Check it out below - 
Chatbot Building Best Practices #1 — Message Delays
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