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Don't miss the session on lead generation, customer experience and more 💬

Don't miss the session on lead generation, customer experience and more 💬
By Ish from Tars • Issue #199 • View online
A bird in the hand might be worth two in the bush, but in higher education marketing, a prospective student who has had good customer service or counseling is worth a hundred lost in the conversion pipeline.
In an industry that has only grown by leaps and bounds in the pandemic, providing an at-scale, 24X7 customer experience that is authentic and human is the only proven way to convince prospective students to:
✅ Share admission information
✅ Request information about programs
✅ Submit admission applications
The billion-dollar question though, is how?

We at Tars believe that the answer lies in automation, more specifically no-code chatbots that improve landing page conversion rates by 5x and seamlessly follow up with prospects.
Thus, to share how universities can increase enrolment using marketing automation, we’re teaming up with the folks at LeadSquared to host a webinar tomorrow (September 9th) at 6 PM IST.
This session is divided into 2 parts essentially:
📈 How admission teams can automate their admission or lead generation process
⚙️ How to nurture those leads using industry-leading customer experience
Register for this session👇
That’s all for today. See you on the webinar 👀
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