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💘Did St. Valentine Need A Tars Chatbot (ft. Nestlé Collab)

💘Did St. Valentine Need A Tars Chatbot (ft. Nestlé Collab)
By Ish from Tars • Issue #205 • View online
In 1952, Chet Baker in his jazz masterpiece ‘My Funny Valentine’, had famously declared:
Stay little Valentine, stay
Everyday is Valentine’s Day.
What a lovely sentiment! It’s also a great excuse to skip making elaborate plans for Valentine’s Day 😉
Unfortunately, it is no longer 1952. For those of us who are already committed and wish to continue living in our homes, we better start making those elaborate plans — right now!
(In case my wife’s reading this … Honey, I’m kidding 😢)
But in all seriousness — there might be romance in the air, but few know the real history behind Valentine’s Day.
That’s why this week’s newsletter will cover:
🌠The Incredible Story Behind Valentine’s Day
🤖Did St. Valentine Need A Tars Chatbot?
🔐The Inside Scoop On A New Nestle + Tars Collab.
🔥New Case Studies on WhatsApp Marketing.
Here’s the full story👇🏼

🌠The Incredible Story Behind Valentine's Day
Every love story needs a villain, be it on Netflix or in actual Roman history. The legend of Valentine’s Day, is no exception.
Our villain is Marcus Aurelius Claudius Gothicus.
No — these are not the names of four new judges on Italian Shark Tank, but the full name of Emperor Claudius II, who reigned supreme over the Roman Empire in 3rd Century AD.
At the time of Claudius’ accession to the throne, the Roman Empire was in a bit of a toughie. Flanked by enemies on all sides, the Emperor desperately needed volunteers for a bigger army.
Since there weren’t any HR Consultants at the time, Claudius hit upon a crazy idea that makes Kim Jong-Un look positively sane.
Claudius theory’s was that Christian men weren’t signing up for the army because they didn’t want to leave their wives and families behind.
So he just decided to ban marriage itself for all Christian men!
St. Valentine — a much beloved priest at that time — would have none of it. Even after Claudius passed his law, he kept on performing marriage ceremonies for young men secretly 💍
Remember — he wasn’t defying some PUBG ban, he was defying the orders of the Emperor himself!
Result? St. Valentine was eventually arrested and put to death.
🙋🏼‍♂️Did St. Valentine Need A Tars Chatbot?
One of the key problems faced by St. Valentine was undoubtedly managing his time. After all, SO MANY young couples needed his help to get married in secret.
Imagine he had a Tars Chatbot. After all, our CTO Vinit is old enough to remember St. Valentine himself 👴🏼
This is probably what the chat would have looked like ⤵️
Let’s say a brave man did choose ‘yes’. What next? After a quick lead capture, the conversational flow would allow every user to book an exclusive marriage appointment.
Like this ⤵️
Can you fathom the benefits?
🎯Reduced wait-times for desperate couples.
🎯Automatic appointment booking.
🎯Seamless-time management for St. Valentine
And this is just the tip of the iceberg! If the good priest so wished, he could even provide 24x7 automated customer post-wedding support to his entire clientele — giving advice on how to keep the marriage hidden, resolving marital disputes etc.
But enough with history, time to jump back to the present.
🔐The Inside Scoop On A New Nestle + Tars Collab.
Tars + Nestlé — the legendary combo are back again!
Remember? It was this very combination, which in 2021 gave you an innovative Diwali greeting cards campaign on WhatsApp; and now they are back with an even quirkier WhatsApp campaign — KitKat Personalised #LoveBreak Greetings!
The concept is simple: first, consumers, like you and I, see an Instagram or Facebook ad for Nestle KitKat’s Valentine’s DayGIF Generator’; clicking on which will redirect us to a WhatsApp chat. Here, powered by the Tars WhatsApp Engagement Engine, users can automatically create and share fun GIFs for not only their ‘Bae’ but also for their ‘Buddy’ and ‘BFF’.
Something like this ⤵
Be it the quirky theme or the use of Gen-Z lingo, Nestle India’s intention here is to connect with young consumers in a fun and innovative manner, leaving them with an incredibly smooth customer engagement experience, delivered through their favourite app, i.e. WhatsApp.
🔥New Case Studies on WhatsApp Marketing
🍷The Tasting Class
Can cold leads from the previous quarter yield an amazing 18%+ Response Rate? Is that even possible?
The answer is an emphatic yes! But only if, like the The Tasting Class, you choose the Tars WhatsApp Engagement Suite!
Curious to find out more? Read the full case study at ⤵️
How The Tasting Class Supercharged Their Lead Conversion Using WhatsApp Chatbots - Tars Blog
🚗Maruti Suzuki’s Shivam Autozone
Key to Maruti Suzuki India Limited‘s rise as an industry leader, has been their formidable pan-India distribution network — the building blocks of which are authorized dealerships / franchisees.
Not only is this distribution model the largest of its kind in India, its also become synonymous with Maruti’s unmatched after-sales service and customer support.
But what happens one of its premiere dealerships: Shivam Autozone (India) Pvt. Ltd, faces low open rates and lead attribution issues with Email and SMS Campaigns?
They turn to our cutting-edge conversational product, i.e. Tars WhatsApp Engagement Suite!
To read the full case study, head on over to ⤵️
How Maruti Suzuki's Shivam Autozone Automated 700,000+ Messages With WhatsApp Marketing - Tars Blog
That’s all for the Valentine’s week; Team Tars hopes you …
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