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Design is awesome...

We have a whole tab for it you know?
Design is awesome...
By Ish from Tars • Issue #24 • View online
We have a whole tab for it you know?

It’s great really, you can change how your bots look, add colour and make your bot look crazy:
Now I know what you are thinking. We announced the Design section weeks back.
So why are we talking about it again?
Could it be that we didn’t have new features to show this week?
But no fear, the content mill keeps milling and this past week it produced a best practices piece on how to effectively use the Design Section in the TARS builder.
This section allows you to change the colour scheme of your bot. While this might seem like a cosmetic change, it can actually go a long way towards improving the UX and thereby increasing your conversions.
At the core of this idea is familiarity. If you create a bot that doesn’t look out of place or looks like something the user has seen before, they will not feel as much apprehension completing the conversation.
Chatbot Building Best Practices #4 — Making your Bots look the part
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