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Demons and lead-capture forms

If you’ve read any of our past content, you will know that we have a longstanding hatred for forms. B
Demons and lead-capture forms
By Ish from Tars • Issue #67 • View online
If you’ve read any of our past content, you will know that we have a longstanding hatred for forms. Blogpost after blogpost, newsletter after newsletter, we beg you to get rid of your forms, because they are boring pieces of software that have no place in 2018.

Well, that’s not the whole story. While we do certainly believe that lead generation forms are mundane, cumbersome and the sole reason your conversion rate is so low, we have another, more important reason we are trying to get rid of forms.
About a year ago, we were sitting at Tars HQ doing everything but work, when Vinit, from the tech team, woke up from his nap screaming! Now even to this day, Vinit does this twice a week (hunger tantrums), so we ignored it and figured that after 20 minutes or so he would stop.

That fateful day, however, he did not stop. 40 minutes went by, then 60, then 80, but Vinit would not stop screaming. At the 120 minute mark, we started to get worried so we took a long stick and tapped him with it.
Big mistake!
The stick shattered, the lights in the room exploded, Vinit’s eyes rolled into the back of his head and he ran around the office on all fours screaming in Latin.
You guessed it. Vinit was possessed by a demon.
After going through a few crates of red bull and a few hours of conferencing with the demon, we found out what the demon was really after!
Turns out he was a pretty reasonable dude. He said that he would leave Vinit’s corporeal body on the condition that we endlessly strive to rid the world of the lead-capture mechanism which even those in the deepest depths of hell consider to be too torturous to fill out.
So to keep our promise, here is another(well-written) post about how your lead-capture form can be made way better through conversations (consider throwing us an upvote or two while you’re there)
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