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Chatbots... what are they good for?

Chatbots... what are they good for?
By Ish from Tars • Issue #19 • View online
Good question subject line. Good question.
We think about bots 24x7 at TARS and even we don’t know the answer.
I personally believe that the question of what chatbots are good for ranks high up in the list of philosophical questions that humanity will never be able to concretely answer.

Us discussing this very question at the last TARS team retreat
Us discussing this very question at the last TARS team retreat
Does that mean chatbots have no true value?
No, definitely not. If that were the case, we would be building a house, or painting a self-portrait.
Rather, we ponder what the limits of chatbot usage are.
We know that they are useful for leadgen, appointment booking, FAQ’s etc. (#subtleplug) and equally we know that chatbots are not a useful replacement for household objects like a toilet brush or a desklamp (trust me…we have tried…two interns were lost in the process). But where do we draw the line in between?
Perhaps there is no answer.
But no fear, so too like with the rest of philosophy, we will continue to publish our musings on the question of bot usage.
Try these thoughts on for size. They give Plato’s Republic and Aurelius’ Meditations a run for their money:
Chatbots Roundup #9 — Best Bots in this week
Of course if you want to approach bot usage at a more fundamental level check out this awesome piece we made about where bots and apps (and websites) should be used:
Chatbot developers: There might be an app for that
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