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Chatbots are like Ice Cream 🤖=🍦

Don't believe me? Here are three observations to convince you otherwise👇
Chatbots are like Ice Cream 🤖=🍦
By Ish from Tars • Issue #119 • View online
Don’t believe me?
Here are three observations to convince you otherwise👇

1. They both have flavors...
Just like with ice cream there is a flavor of chatbots for everyone 😊
In fact, we’ve found through rigorous scientific research👩‍🔬 that ice cream flavors map almost perfectly onto chatbot flavors
A mint chocolate chip aficionado? You’ll probably like finance chatbots 💸
Rocky road fan? Travel chatbots are probs for you ✈
Like your fruity flavours? Healthcare chatbots are the way to go🚑
2. Both have amazing stores...
Again, similar to ice cream, there are places you can go to mix and match (and most importantly get FREE samples of) those awesome chatbot flavors I was just talking about 🍨
The TARS chatbot templates library for example was designed as an homage to Vinit’s favorite ice cream shop🏪
TARS Chatbot Templates
3. Both taste better with sprinkles
Everyone knows that ice cream tastes good with chocolate sprinkles, but did you know that this is true for chatbots as well 😮
Just last week, I was QA testing one of our amazing new Insurance Chatbot Templates, while chugging a gallon of sprinkles when I realized “Hey! This chatbot is way more fun when I’m clogging my GI tract with edible diabetes.” 💡
Anyways, if it isn’t clear yet, my overarching point is that if you like ice cream, you should really try out one of our 450+ chatbot templates because you’ll probably enjoy yourself.
Chatbot Templates Gallery
If you’re lactose intolerant though, you can still be a part of the fun by sharing your feedback about TARS on G2 Crowd or joining our kickass affiliate program 


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