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[Chatbot Roundup] Healthcare Chatbots 🏥+🤖

Look it’s no secret that doctors' offices are littered with terrible user experience🤮 Whether it’s th
[Chatbot Roundup] Healthcare Chatbots 🏥+🤖
By Ish from Tars • Issue #127 • View online
Look it’s no secret that doctors’ offices are littered with terrible user experience🤮

Whether it’s the clunky websites💻, long wait times⌚, or even your doctor’s indecipherable handwriting✍ , the healthcare industry can be downright frustrating!😤
Fortunately for us mere patients, some healthcare providers👩‍⚕️ have started using chatbots to bring their patient service into the 21st Century⚡
Here are our five favorite examples👇

Orthodontists might know their way around your mouth👄 but a lot of them can be incompetent when it comes to web design👎
Their landing pages suck and it drives people nuts🥜
This chatbot🤖 is a great example of how orthodontists can make there online lead generation experiences feel like they belong in 2019😃
As far as medical procedures go, LASIK eye surgery is pretty damn cool😎
It’s risk free😅, super common👨‍👨‍👦‍👦👨‍👨‍👦‍👦👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 and oh yeah, IT INVOLVES SHOOTING LASERS INTO PEOPLE’S EYES!!!💥
Unfortunately most of this coolness is undercut by the sheer garbage that LASIK providers try to pass off as a landing page🗑️
This conversational landing page makes the LASIK marketing experience better for patients👊 while improving conversion rate📈
Finding the right a home nurse for your loved ones is stressful to say the least😣
The last thing that you want to deal with in such a situation is a bad online experience😫
This chatbot makes the process of requesting home healthcare services friction-less💨 so that you can get the services that you need without the added stress🤝
We’ve all been there.
You need to visit the doctor👨‍⚕️ so you call their office looking for an appointment📞only to find yourself stuck in a hypnotic phone dance💃 with the receptionist figuring out when in the next three months your schedule matches your doctor’s schedule😐
The entire experience is soul crushing to say the least😖
In just a few seconds you can schedule an appointment📆 with your doctor without any hassle 🤩
For every kickass healthcare provider using chatbots to improve their patient experience😉, there are at least 10 more who still make you go through hell to get the services that you deserve.🤯
When you interact with doctors like that, it’s only natural to vent your frustrations online😡
It listens while you describe in excruciating detail your doctor’s office horror stories👂
One more thing...
I have an offer for you :)
Send me your website/landing page URLs🔗 if you want us to turn it into a chatbot template and Tars team will do it for FREE!🙉 You can then start using this chatbot right away.
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