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[Best Practice] Images, GIFs, Videos in Chatbots📸

About 8 months ago, we found a really concerning trend in our blog analytics😓 We were hitting our mon
[Best Practice] Images, GIFs, Videos in Chatbots📸
By Ish from Tars • Issue #145 • View online
About 8 months ago, we found a really concerning trend in our blog analytics😓
We were hitting our monthly sessions targets, but our engagement metrics were far from perfect😥
  1. We were seeing fewer repeat visitors to the blog📉
  2. The visitors that were still coming, read fewer articles📰
  3. And worst of all our bounce rate was going up🚀
As a company dependent on content marketing to drive business these numbers scared the shit out of us😱 so we went into full damage-control mode to fix the problem🔨

To figure out where we were going wrong , we deployed what we like to call the “fanboy method” of content research😍
In simple English, we compared our blog, to the ones run by more successful companies in our vertical🔍 to see what they were doing differently💭
It didn’t take us long to find an answer💡
The most glaring difference was in the way we presented our content🎭
Our blogposts at the time were super-dense slabs of text📄 that were technically correct✅ but mind-numbingly boring😴
The other blogs we saw in our research didn’t fall into this trap😎
They presented equally informative text but they made it feel a lot more engaging by incorporating GIFs🎨, videos📺, and emoji😉 into their posts💃
Unsurprisingly, when we started to add these same elements to our own blogposts our engagement numbers improved dramatically💥 and our posts started to drive some actual business!📈
So what does this have to do with chatbots?🤖
We’ve been looking at the bots that people create on our platform and it’s clear to us that a lot of marketers are falling into the same trap that we did in our blogposts🔁
They are so focused on making their bots correctand informative📃that they completely forget about making them fun🎉 and engaging
Inevitably these makers throw up their hands in frustration when they see abysmal conversion📉 rates on the other end of their marketing campgins 😡
In today’s best practice we take a look at how marketers can make their chatbots more engaging using rich media to supplement the regular text bubbles🎨
Check it out below👇
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