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A new feature and a weird story...

I walked into the office yesterday and something was off. The windows had been painted black, there w
A new feature and a weird story...
By Ish from Tars • Issue #45 • View online
I walked into the office yesterday and something was off. The windows had been painted black, there was a giant pentagram painted in blood on the floor. 

I looked around and noticed an individual wearing long flowing robes and a gold mask was huddled over a bowl, containing a red liquid whispering a chant of some sort.
Scared out of my mind, I slowly backed away to the door when the individual removed his mask to take a sip from the bowl. To my surprise, it was Vinit from the Tech Team. Turns out he was just putting the finishing touches on the new Page Settings Menu.
The Page Settings menu is the second menu option in the configuration section of the builder: 
What does the new feature do?
As you might have gleaned by now, TARS helps creators build web-based chatbots. That means that each chatbot is on a webpage of its own. Now as with any webpage, our bot pages have a lot of general purpose settings. In Page settings you can change three of these :
1. Page Title decides what text shows up as your bot’s heading in google searches and in the tab at the top of your browser :
2. Favicon image decides what image shows up in the tab:
3. Meta Image decides what shows up when you share the bot in a message or on social media. Here is how the bot looks like when you share it in Slack :
You can check out this help doc to know how to configure each of these :
Why do these changes matter?
Page settings matter because they make your bot look more professional. You can change the meta image, favicon and title to match the aesthetic of the rest of your brand (e.g. add your logo or add your slogan).
More updates soon.
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