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24x7 Customer Service Using Chatbots

24x7 Customer Service Using Chatbots
By Ish from Tars • Issue #188 • View online
I was up till 4AM last night and as any good insomniac in my position would do, I went online shopping for a new pair of running shoes.

After perusing Amazon’s unimpressive selection and reading a few running blogs I finally found the yellow and purple shoes of my dreams on a weird, hipstery site called Atheltic Propulsion Labs (cool name I know).
Now for anyone else in my position, the buyer journey would be simple:
Add to cart -> Fill in card details -> Buy
Unfortunately, buying shoes isn’t that simple for me, because I have really weirdly shaped feet.
They’re large, splayed, and they almost look like those weird hand feet things that Beast from X-men has.
Suffice it to say that regular shoes don’t fit me, so I went about doing what I always do when I shop for shoes…
I looked for a customer service chat to ask someone from the company whether they could accomodate my feet!
Thankfully, APL did have a customer service chat!
Demoralized, I gave up and went to sleep.
When I woke up the next morning, something amazing happened!
I realized that I really didn’t need a new pair of running shoes because I don’t actually run and abandoned the quest altogether.
While my story is a bit extreme (who shops for shoes at 4AM?), it points to a bigger problem in the way we currently do digital marketing:
Had APL had customer service available around the clock, they wouldn’t have lost my business!
I would have bought their shoes and even though I don’t run, I would have probably loved them and bought a second pair.
And as it just so happens, I know of a low-cost and effective way to solve this problem: chatbots.
Using chatbots businesses can effectively deliver round-the-clock customer service to prospects and reduce the number of leads that slip through the cracks. I know this because we’ve done it before.
DNS Accountants, a UK based financial management practice, faced this exact issue and they were able to 2x the number of leads they captured after work hours using chatbots.
Check out their story below👇
How DNS Accountants Delivers 24x7 Customer Service Using A Chatbot - Tars Blog
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