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Thoughts and Opinions about Conversational Interfaces

Thoughts and Opinions about Conversational Interfaces

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💘Did St. Valentine Need A Tars Chatbot (ft. Nestlé Collab)

Every love story needs a villain, be it on Netflix or in actual Roman history. The legend of Valentine's Day, is no exception.


⌛How WhatsApp Created A Time Machine (ft. Hidden Symbols🔣)

Once upon a time, in an innocent age before the Worldwide Web; shopping looked somewhat like this⤵️


What's Our Secret Mission At Tars ? + (Year In Review ⏪)

Wow. So 2021 is finally over. Is it just me or did this year disappear faster than the plotline in Matrix sequels? Like seriously, where did this year go?


🎅🏽Why Santa Needs A Chatbot … And An Offsite In Goa

In this ongoing holiday season, festive marketers are all about empathy - be it for friends, family or your weird neighbour Greg who's obsessed with pitching 🐶dogecoin and 🐵 NFTs.


How Lenin Predicted The Arrival Of Conversational Commerce

There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.


[Product Update] Supercharge your Customer Engagement with WhatsApp Webhook Campaigns

When my parents graduated high school, kids who scored more than 70% were literally considered genius. By the time I graduated high school, one needed a 95% score to just be competitive.


Don't miss the session on lead generation, customer experience and more 💬

We at Tars believe that the answer lies in automation, more specifically no-code chatbots that improve landing page conversion rates by 5x and seamlessly follow up with prospects.Thus, to share how universities can increase enrolment using marketing automatio…


Government website optimization, citizen experience, and more...

Citizens have to go through a maze of pages and PDFs to find the information they are looking for and often the correct resource isn’t mobile optimized. This is a recipe for operational inefficiency, citizen frustration, and low participation in community ini…


Don't miss the session on WhatsApp Marketing for your business 👀

WhatsApp Marketing is picking up steam. Everywhere you look companies of all shapes and sizes are building conversational experiences on the platform to engage with their customers.But what does this actually mean in practice?Is WhatsApp Marketing just anothe…


Deliver 24x7 customer service, reduce your call center wait time, and engage with your citizens better 😎

ICYMI, we've started a webinar series for the government agency folks and we'll be addressing topics like how to automate customer support for your agency, how to engage citizens better, and many more.This month we've got 2 back to back sessions and without f…


Automate 80% of your Customer Queries, provide 24x7 Customer Support, and a 5X increase in CSAT with WhatsApp Marketing 📈

We've come to you with a WhatsApp Marketing bonanza this month. We're hosting 2 sessions around how you can implement WhatsApp to your marketing and customer experience stacks. First, on August 19 at 12 PM IST, we'll show you how to increase opt-ins and engag…


Your last chance to attend the session on automation and lead generation 👀

ICYMI, we're hosting a webinar along with Serosoft today (July 29 at 12 PM EDT), where we'll present 5 tactics for educational institutes to streamline their admissions process.Using automation, academic institutions can ensure a smooth administrative process…


Don't miss the sessions on Lead Generation, Customer Support and more... 👀

Second, we're hosting a webinar along with Serosoft on July 29th at 12 PM EDT, where we'll present 5 tactics for educational institutes to streamline their admissions process.Using automation, academic institutions can ensure a smooth administrative process a…


How Chatbots Affect SEO?

SEO... what is it, where did it come from, and does it play nice with your chatbot?These are fundamental questions about the universe that scientists, philosophers and marketers have been asking themselves since the dawn of humanity and today we finally know …


The Tars Newsletter Returns... With A Vengance (And Webinars)

Our hit series office hours is back for its end-of-quarter episode next Tuesday (3/23) at 12 PM EDT.For those of you, who don't remember, Office Hours is a quarterly session where Vinit reveals what the next phase of the bot-led New World Order will look like.


Webinars for the New Year

It's been shall we say an interesting start to the year so far (looking at you America), but we're an optimistic bunch at Tars so we're about 35% confident that this year will be better than the last.


Webinars about Chatbots, Features and Analytics

If you are subscribed for this newsletter you probably already know that we think that chatbots are the future of lead generation.They're more intuitive, mobile optimized, and engaging than regular landing pages and forms.And you know what that means. Higher …


24x7 Customer Service Using Chatbots

After perusing Amazon's unimpressive selection and reading a few running blogs I finally found the yellow and purple shoes of my dreams on a weird, hipstery site called Atheltic Propulsion Labs (cool name I know).


Happy Diwali!🪔🪔

We hope you have a great (and more importantly safe) weekend.Best,Ish


Tars Marketing Quarter-in-Review

The rules of this game are simple.We review all of our content marketing goals for the last quarter and for everyone that wasn't achieved we sacrifice a member of the marketing team to the old gods.Let's begin!