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newsletter issue #11 - preorder campaign, YALC, and book 2!

FIRST, guys I’m so excited that MONSTERS BORN AND MADE was reviewed in Lightspeed magazine, which is literally my favorite fantasy literature magazine. And they had some really nice things to say about it too heheRead if: you’ve ever wanted to ride a seamurde…


newsletter issue #10 - book 1, book 2, and a trip

I am: on deadline. For Book 2. Something I would’ve killed someone for a long time ago (for legal reasons this is a joke), but realizing now that maybe deadlines aren’t the greatest tools for creativity. And yet, when it comes to actually sitting down and typ…


Guess What? 25% off books at Barnes & Noble!

To start with, Barnes & Noble is having a limited-time 25% off on all preorder sales with the code PREORDER25 so make sure you get a copy before the sale ends!I want to talk a bit about pre-orders and what they truly mean for authors.PRE-ORDERS, as the wo…


newsletter issue #9; look at this bookmark

In the gone month, things have really kicked up in high gear (is that right? Is that how you say that? Sorry idk car terminologies) with MONSTERS BORN AND MADE. So, breaking tradition, I’m gonna have to bullet point this newsletter. Ramblings next time, in ca…



For TODAY ONLY, you can preorder MONSTERS BORN AND MADE at BN.com and get 25% off with the code PREORDER25


newsletter issue #8; cover and giveaway

There are probably other things I should talk about but, like, you’re subscribed to a shallow Narcissus type here, and pretty things consume my focus entirely. So, of course, the cover.


newsletter issue #7; characters and hereditary

Yep, we’re back to the new/old divide because why not.MONSTERS BORN AND MADE is off to copy-edits, at last! It’s been a fun few days and I’m super eager to get the book back and get the final proofing etc etc ball rolling etc etc. Plus, I saw the character sk…


newsletter issue #6; monsters and first lines

:puts on author hat: :stares into the distance:This time last year, I was coming to a realization that I was absolutely unable to write, read, or even look at my WIPs. I don’t know if it was a block, or the lockdown getting to me. I just remember feeling usel…


newsletter issue #5; hello, october

Even by my standards, September was ghastly. I had a dip in health, and a depressive spiral which I’m still recovering from. At the end of every month, ever since I started doing these letters, I automatically tend to take an inventory of my writing. I was so…


newsletter issue #4; a weird amount of peaky blinders

I think it's been, like, over a year since I've been telling my agent that I'll have something new for her. And like, look, I did start these projects. But oh my god, I couldn't for the life of me sit still during this whole pandemic business. Which is why I'…


newsletter issue #3; spring/summer 2022 preview

Happy August, friends! Let's all take a moment and thank Taylor Swift for inventing the month of August!Now that you're having an incredible start to the new month, with some salt air and rust on your door, let's move on. FIRST!! I was included in my publishe…


newsletter issue #2 - how i got my agent part 2

How I Got My Agent, Part 2 [Part 1 here.]Or, How Monsters Born and Made became the book that got me my agentThe very first kernel of MONSTERS was the world. An oceanic world with monstrous creatures and only ten islands, and a harsh sun. All of it makes livin…


newsletter issue #1; how i got my agent part 1

How I Got My Agent, Part 1So I went back and forth between writing an essay about getting representation and something to lead into it, finally settling on this format. Age has been a weird contentious issue on writing twitter, where you constantly see younge…