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newsletter issue #10 - book 1, book 2, and a trip

tanvi berwah
I just did a personality quiz that matches you with characters and like all of my matchers (?) were characters that are absolute little chaotic demons or absolute little idiots and i’m like. HUH.

I am: on deadline. For Book 2. Something I would’ve killed someone for a long time ago (for legal reasons this is a joke), but realizing now that maybe deadlines aren’t the greatest tools for creativity. And yet, when it comes to actually sitting down and typing/writing, deadlines are what my mentally insane brain works with best. You see how that’s contradictory and a big problem for moi?
[No one tell my editor how I spent the past 24 hours running around like a headless chicken over this, this, this, and especially THIS.]
But back to earth, I’m really excited to get my hands deep in Book 2 (and for one day soon to stop calling it book 2).
For actual updates, I’ve finished Act 1 of my zero draft, and I’m currently sifting through scenes for Act 2 which I aim to write by the month’s end.
I’ve had several questions about whether Monsters is a series/standalone/duology so here’s what I can tell you:
I conceptualized this book first as the world. Everything else, including Koral, came later. This is the story of the Islands of Ophir. Book 2 is a bridge story–both a sequel and a standalone which would explain the consequences of Koral and Stormgold’s relationship, before we can go back to Koral again in future books.
AND, this is important, if these books do well, I will get to continue Koral’s personal story.
Which, again, is where you guys come in.
If any of you have read the ARC already, know that I plan to continue Koral’s story but I need Book 1 to do well, so please review it on consumer/retail sites for the Algorithm(™) and tell your friends about it! There’s only so much I, as a single person, can do–but as a reader and, you know, a consumer person type in general, nothing is more effective than word of mouth.
[And as for why I would call Book 2 a standalone? You do not have to read Book 1 to read Book 2, but it would definitely be a richer experience. And if/when Book 3 comes out, you’d be better prepared for the story.]
AND last week-ish, I finally got to announce one of the secrets I’ve been keeping–I’m going to the Young Adult Literature Convention in London in July!!!
As a reader, I’ve always wanted to go to the big YA conventions–Yallfest, Yallwest, YALC, etc etc–so actually getting to be there at one of them (for a start, hopefully!) as an author is mildly terrifying. If you’re going to be in the area, please come! I’m going to be on a fantasy panel on the 9th of July, and I’ll also be signing ARCs of Monsters Born and Made!
Tickets are on sale HERE, and you can see the full schedule HERE.
For anyone in the UK looking to preorder the book, you can find direct links here. And for info/publicity/whatever you might need, the book is being distributed by DK Publishing and ED Public Relations will probably answer any queries you may have!
  1. BTS: Angry Young Men: Wintersong author S. Jae-Jones (whose essays I love) wrote a piece on how revolutionary BTS have always been, and they continue to be so by using subterfuge to their advantage.
  2. Sci-Fi for Kids Is a Missed Publishing Opportunity: You might have, or not, heard publishing gatekeepers talk about not taking on sci-fi books because “they don’t sell.” Here’s Emily Midkiff, the author of Equipping Space Cadets: Primary Science Fiction for Young Children, on how this gross misconception is not backed up even anecdotally.
The angry young men who don’t grow into complacence or bitterness become subversive. Being subversive requires a lot more nuance and emotional intelligence than anger, because yelling at a system can only take you so far. How do you persuade people? How do you convince someone of your point of view? Strong-arming people to your cause only makes you a bully; you have to convert your followers into true believers. You have to become introspective, to understand why you’re so angry, in order to give voice the same anger inside other people. It requires looking at all the ugly parts of yourself and naming them, before you can look at the ugly parts of others with grace.
My amazing friend, Vaishnavi Patel, is now a NYT bestseller for her Ramayana-retelling story, KAIKEYI!
Vaishnavi Patel ✨buy KAIKEYI✨

Honestly haven’t stopped shaking since I heard the news! Never in my wildest dreams did I think this was possible 😭 THANK YOU to everyone who has picked up a copy of this book—I am forever grateful 💕💕
  1. The Ghosts of Rose Hill by RM Romero: I haven’t been able to read a lot lately (which sucks!!!) but I just finished this lovely YA novel-in-verse about a Jewish girl who is forced to live with her aunt in Prague for the summer and meets a ghost boy in a cemetery. It’s a beautiful meditation on experiences of the diaspora, and includes inspirations from folklore, cities, music and so much more to bring us a gorgeously written story.
That’s it from me for now! And I’m sure the second I send this, I’ll immediately remember something I should’ve mentioned here, but hey, it wouldn’t be me, a chaotic little demon according to a random website, if I gave away all proper information at once, now will it.
Love and light, friends. Take care <3 Monsters Born and Made: 9781728247625: Berwah, Tanvi: Books
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