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Guess What? 25% off books at Barnes & Noble!

tanvi berwah
I want to talk a bit about pre-orders and what they truly mean for authors.
  • PRE-ORDERS, as the word implies, means that you’re ordering a book [or any product] before it goes on sale.
  • There are usually discounts attached to these compared to the on-sale prices.
  • Pre-orders signal to the publisher that there is a market for the book.
  • This turns into a stronger marketing push from the publisher and more chances that the book will reach readers.
  • Contrary to popular belief, getting a book deal is not the end game here. It’s the very first step in any author’s journey, but even more so for an unknown debut like myself.
Now, for American readers, Barnes & Noble is having a 25% off on all pre-orders when you use the code PREORDER25 at checkout. This sale event runs through April 22.
If you’re planning to buy MONSTERS BORN AND MADE, there’s never a better chance than this for both you and me.
And if you’ve already pre-ordered, thank you so much. You’re literally, personally, contributing to the longevity of my dream. As readers, you all have a myriad number of options, but that you’re choosing to spend money on my book means so incredibly much.
Please consider forwarding this to friends or family who are readers so if they’d like, they can also take advantage of this discount event. :)
Pre-Order Campaign
I’ve had some questions about a pre-order campaign and rest assured please that I definitely have something cooking. It’s a little early to announce and there are still some moving parts that I have to decide on, but there will be a pre-order campaign of freebies so hold on to your receipts!
Happy reading! <3
Monsters Born and Made by Tanvi Berwah, Hardcover | Barnes & Noble®
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tanvi berwah
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