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By Bridget Todd and the TANGOTI Team

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Bridget Todd and the TANGOTI Team
Bridget Todd and the TANGOTI Team
Welcome to the ‘There Are No Girls On The Internet’ newsletter!
Written by digital activist and host of the podcast There Are No Girls On The Internet, Bridget Todd.
This is our first issue! We’re excited to have you. This newsletter is for YOU. So, if there’s something you want more of, reply to this email and let us know. We’ll read everything that lands in our inbox.

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A note from Bridget Todd
Thank you for checking out the newsletter!
I am so excited to be back with our 3rd season of There Are No Girls on the Internet! (Can you believe it)?! We’ll be talking about the past, the present, and the future of OUR experiences online. 
In addition to the amazing guests I’ll be talking with, in the coming weeks we’re going to be rolling out new ways to connect with me and the TANGOTI team. Including this newsletter!
The JV Club with Janet Varney
This just in: Bridget Todd is wonderful! Revel in this uplifting chat including academia vs. “real life” joys and experiences, the good in lifting each other up, and the sublime coolness of Downtown Julie Brown!
👆🏿👆🏿👆🏿Check it out! I was a guest on the JV Club podcast! It’s a show about embracing your awkward inner teenager. I definitely shared some tales!
Internet news and how it affects you
Here are some stories I’ve been keeping my eyes on…
Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s SCOTUS confirmation hearing
On the day that Judge Jackson was named Biden’s nominee for the Supreme Court, I joined my friends Sam and Anney at the podcast Stuff Mom Never Told You to discuss her historic nomination. Judge Jackson is the first Black woman to ever be nominated – and now confirmed – for SCOTUS (and the first public defender)! 
She’s also a Black woman from D.C., just like me. And as joyous and historic as this is, it means she had to face disinformation rooted in racist, sexist, attacks on her character. 
Her confirmation was actually kind of hard for me to watch because even though it was historic, I didn’t like watching a Black woman be publicly disrespected and attacked by elected officials. 
It’s a well-worn tactic to exploit the trauma and pain of survivors to score political points. 
In my day job at UltraViolet, I organized survivor justice groups to take out a full-page in the New York Times in support of Judge Jackson’s nomination.
SXSW and Digital Void’s Our Connected Future
TANGOTI spent March at South by Southwest in Austin where I had a guest spot on Slate’s amazing internet culture podcast ICYMI, and a featured session with Leslie Mac, the host of PRX’s Phish podcast Blackberry Jams. It was a great conversation about what it means to be Black women taking up space online.
Back home in D.C., we talked to Amanda Moore about her time infiltrating white supremacist groups at Digital Void’s Our Connected Future festival. You can read more about Amanda’s story here and listen to our live show in the TANGOTI feed, which drops on April 5th. Look out for more live events happening soon!
Bridget and Leslie Mac
Bridget and Leslie Mac
Podcast recommendation
Check out Normal Gossip!
I live a pretty mundane life and these days, the most dramatic disputes I have are with tech companies. So I LIVE for other people’s drama. I used to have to comb Facebook to soak up the drama of my high school classmates, but thanks to the new podcast Normal Gossip, I can get the low-stakes drama I crave about people I will literally never meet. It’s divine!
Community spotlight
Meet Lucy Hartman!
Lucy is the organizing director for Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia and the founder of Recoverati, a comedy blog about sobriety and recovery.
Thanks for listening to the show, Lucy!
ICYMI: here's our latest episode
Arrested for making TikToks? Yup. It happened to Coco Briscoe.

Former comedian Coco Briscoe started chronicling her search for love on TikTok with her popular series Dating DC. It led to her arrest. The Washington Post- “She started sharing her dating life on TikTok. She ended up in jail."

There Are No Girls on the Internet
Thanks for tuning in to the first issue of the There Are No Girls On the Internet newsletter!
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– Bridget and the TANGOTI team
Happy babies love dissecting internet culture
Happy babies love dissecting internet culture
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Bridget Todd and the TANGOTI Team
Bridget Todd and the TANGOTI Team @

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