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Permanent Exhibition at Taipei Music Center / Talent Show The Rappers Back on Track

Permanent Exhibition at Taipei Music Center / Talent Show The Rappers Back on Track
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Music, Island, Stories: an exhibition of pop music in Taiwan
After four years of curation, contact, and liaise with over 200 record companies and artists, Music, Island, Stories, the permanent exhibition at the Taipei Music Center, gives us a splendid fully display of Taiwanese pop music histories since 1930.
Music, Island, Stories resonates with British Music Experience, another exhibition now moved from London to Liverpool, where you will have a thorough understanding of the British pop music since the 60s. However, Music, Island, Stories does not tell stories by simply following the timeline and the development of Taiwanese music industry. Instead, It goes through different music scenes or the shared experiences we have all been through as music fans.
In a section called Live Music, music venues and music festivals are presented in video, projection and merch to show the live industry boom within recent years. There is another area named The Spiritual World of the Youth, where the collections of different generations of youth will amaze the visitors. It shows that the youngsters in the late 80s, when the martial law period ended, surrounded themselves with cassettes and protest banners of the gatherings they just participated that night; while music-loving teenagers today might decorate their bedrooms with posters of indie bands, towels of the music festivals, and maybe some flags concerning various social issues. 
The exhibition also reminds you of Hard Rock Café, where you will be surrounded by all kinds of rock music holy grails: The first Les Paul guitar of Taiwanese rock legend Wu Bai, the manuscript of “Life’s a Struggle”, a classic by deceased pioneer rapper Shawn Sung, and other unique exhibits. It might not be perfect, but it may be the first attempt to approach the island’s complicated yet vigorous music scenes the involves multiple ethnics, languages, and history discourses.
Music, Island, Stories is held in the Taipei Music Center from Sep 18 as a permanent exhibition. For more information, visit:
The Rappers is back on track.
Since the pandemic outbreak in May, nearly all live music events have been called off, this includes the shooting of the first hip-hop talent show in Taiwan: The Rappers. For those who are curious to find out which contestant is still in game, the show is back from mid-September after the long COVID withhold.
The Rappers has caused waves of discussion since it was first broadcasted earlier this year. The background stories of the contestants. The interaction with veteran rappers and newbies. Rather than using regular TV hosts, the show is hosted by award-winning artists J.Sheon and DJ Didilong, who are deeply involved in the hip hop music scene and are familiar with some contestants. When viewing behind the scene clips on YouTube, one can easily feel the bonding within the community and get connected to the artists who are students, policemen or Uber Eats deliver drivers once they are off the show. 
Though this local talent show might not work its way out like talent show used to be as a mainstream star-making system, it still brings the whole hip hop community to the screen, unveiling the hip hop music alongside with the subculture to those who are not familiar with it. 
In the latest episode, the contestants were asked to collaborate with famous artists. From pop star Crowd Lu, Taiwanese diva Huáng Fēi to rock band TRASH, the collaboration styled from ballad to reggae to nu-metal. The top seven needed to add new punchline to the old classic while trying not to be overshadowed by the featured artists. 
With several episodes and clips over million views, The Rappers is available on YouTube, with new episodes uploaded every Tuesday night.
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