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Tailwind Weekly #28: Special come back issue!

Tailwind Weekly
Tailwind Weekly #28: Special come back issue!
By Vivian Guillen • Issue #28 • View online
Hello folks!
After a 2 months hiatus Tailwind Weekly is back 🎉. Starting next week, every Saturday I’ll grace your inbox with the glory of our ecosystem updates and I’ll also be experimenting with new stuff (like adding new sections) in the future. You know, to spice things up.
But this issue is a special one. You see, right when I put Tailwind Weekly on pause, the Tailwind team started moving at the speed of light and launching new stuff on a cadence never seen before! This email is more or less a summary of those updates since the last issue.
I’ll try to keep it short and sweet, starting with…

We got 3 new minor versions
  • Built-in support for background gradients
  • New background-clip utilities
  • New feature flagging and deprecation system to use new breaking changes stuff today, that will be native in v2.0
  • New gap classes names, set under the removeDeprecatedGapUtilities flag
  • New contents display utility
  • Default letter-spacing per font-size
  • New divide border styles
  • + other stuff
  • New font-variant-numeric utilities
  • New place-items, place-content, place-self, justify-items, and justify-self utilities
  • Dark mode variant (experimental)
  • + other stuff
  • New presets key that makes it possible to configure a custom “base configuration” for your projects.
  • New utilities for grid-auto-columns and grid-auto-rows
  • New Focus indicator improvements and configurable outlines
  • Extended border radius, rotate, and skew scales
  • + other stuff
We also got a v2.0 alpha release packed with A LOT of new stuff, be sure to check it out!
Introducing Tailwind Play – Tailwind CSS
Headless UI – Unstyled, fully accessible UI components
Tailwind got a new youtube channel
Last but not least, Tailwind UI Updates!
Did you enjoy this issue?
Vivian Guillen

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